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Iger: Peltz Proxy Battle Distraction, Board Focuses on Succession

  • Disney CEO Bob Iger views the proxy battle with Nelson Peltz as a distraction, focusing instead on turning a profit in streaming and succession planning.
  • Despite the proxy battle, Disney’s board remains committed to its strategic priorities, with shareholders siding with Disney in the vote.
  • The proxy battle highlighted investor concerns about Disney’s CEO succession planning, emphasizing the importance of having a clear leadership plan in place.
  • Disney’s strategic initiatives, including a new sports service and ESPN service, aim to serve sports fans in multiple ways without significant cannibalization.

Iger: Peltz Proxy Battle Distraction, Board Focuses on Succession. The recent proxy battle between Disney CEO Bob Iger and activist investor Nelson Peltz has been a significant distraction for the company, with Iger emphasizing that the board’s focus is now on succession planning and turning a profit in the streaming sector. This shift in focus comes after Peltz’s proxy battle, which Disney successfully defended, leading to a victory for Iger and the board.

Peltz, through his Trian Fund Management, had sought to gain two board seats at Disney, criticizing the company for its underperformance, a flawed succession process, and alleged misdirected investments. Despite Peltz’s efforts, Disney shareholders sided with the company, with Iger receiving 94% of the overall vote, significantly higher than Peltz’s 31%. This victory allowed Disney to focus on its strategic priorities, including succession planning and turning a profit in its streaming services.

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Iger has been working diligently to address the challenges faced by Disney, including the impact of the COVID pandemic and the need for a clear succession plan. He has undone some of the changes made by his predecessor, Bob Chapek, and has focused on investing in Disney’s theme park, cruise, and experience businesses. Iger’s contract with Disney runs until 2026, and the board has established a succession committee to identify his successor, with meetings planned for 2024.

The proxy battle, while unsuccessful for Peltz, has highlighted investor concerns about Disney’s leadership and strategic direction. Despite these concerns, Iger has maintained that the company’s performance and stock gains are a result of the company’s actions and not the activism of Peltz or other investors. He has also dismissed criticism from Elon Musk, focusing instead on the company’s strategic initiatives and shareholder support.

The proxy battle with Peltz has been a distraction for Disney, but it has also underscored the importance of succession planning and strategic focus for the company. With the board’s focus now on identifying Iger’s successor and turning a profit in streaming, Disney is poised to move forward with its strategic priorities, despite the challenges it has faced.

The fight for the future of Disney involved influential proxy advisory firms like ISS and Glass Lewis, with ISS recommending adding Peltz to the board due to Disney’s bungled succession planning. However, influential shareholders like Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple kingpin Steve Jobs, supported Iger and the company’s slate of director nominees.

The article highlights Iger’s role in transforming Disney and his vision for the future, with the company’s succession plans becoming the core of the board dispute. Since Peltz announced his proxy fight roughly six months ago, Disney stock has gained nearly 54% (as of market close on Tuesday), marking its highest level in nearly two years. A quick look at Disney’s recent results suggests there are reasons to be bullish.

Iger: Peltz Proxy Battle Distraction, Board Focuses on Succession
Iger: Peltz Proxy Battle Distraction, Board Focuses on Succession

In the company’s fiscal 2024 first quarter (ended Dec. 30, 2023), Disney announced it was on track to achieve its goal of $7.5 billion in cost savings by the end of fiscal 2024, which is expected to boost profits by at least 20% year over year. Perhaps more importantly, the company revealed it expects to achieve profitability for its streaming business this year, making it a “key earnings growth driver” for Disney. Finally, Disney’s shareholders will benefit from the company’s capital return policies. The company recently boosted its semi-annual per-share dividend payout to $0.45, an increase of 50%.

Disney also announced a new share repurchase plan, targeting $3 billion in buybacks this fiscal year. So, in the epic battle in the boardroom, Disney’s shareholders were the ultimate winners.

How has the proxy battle impacted Disney’s relationships with its shareholders and board members?

The proxy battle between Disney and activist investor Nelson Peltz has had significant impacts on Disney’s relationships with its shareholders and board members.

  • Shareholder Relations: The proxy battle has been a defining moment for Disney’s shareholders, with the company’s board and CEO, Bob Iger, emerging victorious. This victory has been seen as a vote of confidence in Iger and the current board, despite the intense scrutiny and criticism from Peltz and his allies. The outcome has reaffirmed shareholders’ faith in Disney’s management and strategic direction, with Iger receiving 94% of votes cast and Disney’s board members being re-elected by a substantial margin.
  • Board Member Relations: The proxy battle has also tested the relationships within Disney’s board. Despite the victory, the battle has highlighted the importance of board members’ commitment to the company’s strategic objectives and the need for effective governance. The board’s decision to re-elect all 12 of Disney’s current board members, including Iger, underscores their collective commitment to the company’s future and their ability to navigate challenges together.
  • Impact on Succession Planning: The proxy battle has drawn attention to Disney’s CEO succession planning, with Peltz’s campaign citing concerns over the process. This has led to increased scrutiny of Disney’s approach to succession, with the company facing questions about its ability to identify and prepare a successor for Iger. The outcome of the proxy battle, while favoring Disney, has not resolved these concerns, indicating that succession planning remains a critical issue for the company.
  • Investor Relations: The proxy battle has also had implications for Disney’s relationships with its investors. While the victory for Disney’s board and management has been welcomed by many, the battle has highlighted the importance of good governance and effective communication with shareholders. The company’s ability to engage with investors, address their concerns, and maintain their support will be crucial for its future success.

The proxy battle has significantly impacted Disney’s relationships with its shareholders and board members, reinforcing the importance of strong governance, effective communication, and clear strategic direction. The victory for Disney’s board and management underscores the company’s commitment to its shareholders and its strategic objectives, while also highlighting the ongoing challenges related to succession planning and investor relations.

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