Where Is Bodybuilder Craig Titus Now? Is He Dead Or Alive?

Craig Titus is still alive and is currently incarcerated.

He is now doing time in prison for the kidnapping and arson of Melissa James.


From his prison cell, the once muscular and famous bodybuilder is currently counting down the days till his parole.

Meanwhile, any insider information on his prison life is currently unavailable.

Meet Body Builder Craig Titus: Ryan Kelly Husband And Melissa James Killer

Ryan Kelly’s husband, Craig Titus, was the assassin who murdered Melissa James.

During their peak in the fitness profession, his then-wife, Ryan Kelly, was also a star bodybuilder.

The couple’s lavish lifestyle was made possible by their successful bodybuilding careers.

Titus was disloyal to Kelly and had affairs with Melissa James on several occasions.

The love triangle between these three people was marred by jealousy, narcotics, financial difficulties, and subsequent crimes.

Melissa and Kelly got into a physical confrontation one night in 2005 because of their flaws.

Craig body-slammed Melissa after stepping in to support his wife Kelly.

Melissa died at that time, and because the pair didn’t want to lose their careers, they put Melissa’s body on fire inside Kelly’s car.

Craig Titus Age: How Old Is He?

Craig Titus will be 55 years old in the year 2022.

He was born in Wyandotte, Michigan, on January 14, 1967.

From his upbringing, the convicted bodybuilder was always sporty. During his high school years, he wrestled and played football.

Body Builder Craig Titus Release Date and Sentence

The date for his release has been scheduled for late December 2026. Kelly, meantime, was sentenced to 6 to 26 years in prison and was freed on parole on October 24, 2017.