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Andy Dalton Wife: Is Jordan Dalton Deaf? Age, Height And Family

Let’s know ‘Andy Dalton Wife: Is Jordan Dalton Deaf?’ Famous American football quarterback Andy Dalton and his wife, Jordan Dalton, have been together since 2011.

This season, he is among the most well-known quarterbacks in the NFL. He has amassed a large following throughout the glove thanks to his amazing skills. In the same way, his reputation has helped his family gain notoriety. Internet users have therefore generated a number of theories regarding Dalton. One of these presumptions is that Andy’s wife has a physical impairment.

Andy Dalton Wife: Is Jordan Dalton Deaf? Jordan Dalton Is Popularly Known As The Wife of NFL Quarterback, Andy Dalton ( Source : instagram )

Jordan Dalton is thought to be deaf by others, and the two frequently use sign language to communicate. However, this assumption made by internet users is wholly false. Instead, she and her husband founded a non-profit organization to assist children who are dealing with such problems.

The Andy & JJ Dalton Foundation supports families of children patients in multiple hospitals throughout Cincinnati and the surrounding areas through its numerous community outreach activities.



Who Is Andy Dalton Wife, Jordan Dalton?

Jordan has made a name for herself as the vice president and co-founder of the Andy & JJ Dalton Foundation in addition to being well-known as the wife of NFL player Andy Dalton.

Jordan and Andy originally came into contact while both were students at Texas Christian University. In their senior year, they both declared marketing as their major. They had been dating for just a year when they decided to be married.

A few weeks later, they were moving to Cincinnati because the Cincinnati Bengals had chosen him in the 2011 NFL Draft. It was challenging for the pair to process everything that was happening so quickly.

But ever since they started dating in 2011, they have supported and stood by one another despite a number of challenges. If you asked JJ Dalton what she wanted to be when she grew up, she wouldn’t have said “the wife of an NFL quarterback.”

She has always thought of me as a businesswoman who makes important choices for large organizations, but she is happy with her life and excited to join the Dalton family, which is important to her.


Andy Dalton Wife: Is Jordan Dalton Deaf?
Jordan Dalton Is The Co-Founder And Vice President Of Andy & JJ Dalton Foundation ( Source : instagram )


Before Andy Dalton ever started playing for the Bengals, they formed the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation. Since 2011, they have provided support to families of seriously ill and physically challenged children. Children who suffer from serious illnesses or physical disabilities must also deal with a variety of side effects in addition to their physical misery.

Because of their frequently restricted mobility, they are frequently unable to engage in sports, vacations, and other activities with friends and family. They frequently wind up in hospitals, where there are times of boredom, anxiety, and worry. It is possible to quickly fall behind in class when absenteeism is frequent.

In addition, even middle-class families may become impoverished due to the financial hardship brought on by their parents’ exorbitant medical bills. Date Night, King for a Day, the Hub, A Gift of Christmas, and the Pass It On Fund are five community outreach programs that Andy and JJ founded to support the families of seriously ill and physically challenged children. They have a date night every year where parents can enjoy a date while childcare is offered.


Andy Dalton Wife: Is Jordan Dalton Deaf?


Andy Dalton Wife: Is Jordan Dalton Deaf?
Jordan Dalton Is Not Deaf But She Supports People With Disabilities Via Andy & J Dalton Foundation ( Source : instagram )


Fans may also think Jordan is deaf because of the Andy & JJ Dalton Foundation. The couple started this organization to aid sick and disadvantaged children who were unable to receive care due to a variety of factors.

They were inspired to launch the charity while Andy and Jordan were TCU students. One of Andy’s trainers’ granddaughters recently received a cancer diagnosis.

When the opportunity presented itself, Andy saw the immediate impact that a tiny deed of kindness might have on a child’s life and felt compelled to act. Jordan has worked with children with exceptional needs ever since she was a high school senior.

She assists others through the foundation because she has witnessed the challenges that these families encounter.


Jordan Dalton Age And Height Details

Jordan Dalton was born in Richardson, Texas, in the United States on November 3, 1987. She was born and raised in the United States and is currently 35 years old. Jordan is approximately 65 kilograms and 5′ 9″ tall.

In order to earn a business degree, Jordan Dalton enrolled at Texas Christian University in 2006.

Jordan married Andy Dalton, a passionate philanthropist, and a stay-at-home mother; they are known for helping sick children and impoverished families to give back to society. She met Andy Dalton in her final year here.

Some Interesting Facts On Jordan Dalton

Jordan is an effective philanthropist, a charming wife, and a loving mother who carries out her responsibilities with ease.

Since the beginning of their relationship, she has supported her spouse. They have three beautiful children and are joyful and in love.

Jordan Dalton Is 35 Years Old As Of 2022 ( Source : instagram )


Three years later, they welcomed Noah, their first child. She frequently posts images taken by Noah to social media. Finley, their newest child, was born in 2019, and Nash, their second child, was born in 2017. They live near to Dallas and Fort Worth.

Jordan And Andy Dalton Are Blessed With Three Children; Two Sons And A Daughter ( Source : instagram )


She is also a well-known social media figure with over 32,000 Instagram followers. She frequently writes about her family, and it is clear that she adores her husband.

The Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation was founded by the couple in 2011 to help families and kids in need.

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