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Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola- 11 Incredible Ailments You Never Knew Bitter Kola Can Cure

Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola- Bitter kola, also known as Garcinia kola, is a multifunctional tree native to Central and West Africa’s tropical rainforests.

Because every part of this highly sourced species, including the seeds, stem, and leaves, has been used for medical purposes for decades, it is known as the “wonder plant.”

Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola- 11 Incredible Ailments You Never Knew Bitter Kola Can Cure 

The tree’s most valuable output is its seeds, which are frequently swallowed by African rural and urban inhabitants to prevent and treat gastrointestinal ailments.

Garcinia kola offers a multitude of health benefits, including the ability to treat a variety of illnesses.

What Sickness Does Bitter Kola Cure?

Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola- See more details below

There’s a lot of evidence that the seeds’ bioactive components can be used as an alternative medicine to treat and cure serious diseases and disorders such;

1. Diabetes

Garcinia kola has a remarkable anti-diabetic action. According to research, bitter kola can help to regulate blood sugar levels in the body by lowering and regulating them.

By lowering blood glucose levels, increasing the antioxidant system, preventing lipid peroxidation, and alleviating diabetes complications, Bitter Kola seed use effectively reduces hyperglycemia-mediated damage.

This treatment is more likely to be helpful in the early stages of diabetes, as a serious condition may necessitate the assistance of medical professionals.

2. Malaria

Traditional healers have long recommended bitter kola to their patients as a remedy for a variety of diseases, including malaria.

Experiments have shown that the chemical elements in bitter kola contain anti-malaria capabilities and that chewing two or three seeds (with a little water) when symptoms appear can work miracles.

Garcinia kola’s stem, bark, and seeds are also used to treat high fever, respiratory tract irritation, and throat infections. The health benefits of bitter kola can never be underestimated.

3. Weak immune system

Bitter kola is loaded with antioxidants. Bitter kola’s strong antioxidant content not only aids in the battle against infections and other ailments but also aids in weight loss immunity levels.

In addition, when the body’s immune level rises, it becomes more capable of combating any outside contaminant.

4. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disorder that causes a gradual loss of vision due to increased pressure within the eyeball. If untreated, glaucoma can lead to permanent blindness.

Garcinia kola, on the other hand, has been discovered to be an excellent treatment for this ailment.

The efficiency of eye drops containing a 0.5 per cent extract of Bitter Kola was examined by researchers at Lagos University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria.

The researchers discovered that using an ocular solution containing Garcinia kola twice a day lowered eye pressure considerably.

The study then suggested that  Bitter kola be consumed at least twice a day to reduce eye pressure.


5. Osteoarthritis

Many arthritis sufferers have been shown to prefer natural herbal treatments to other pain relievers and drugs.

Researchers at Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria conducted a study and discovered that Garcinia kola had a beneficial effect on arthritis symptoms.

In participants with osteoarthritis symptoms, Garcinia kola dramatically reduced inflammation and pain and enhanced joint movement, according to the findings of the study.

6. Neutralizes Snake Poison

Snakes are usually seen in rural locations or in residences that are close to a wooded environment. People who live in rural locations are more likely to get bitten by snakes or have an encounter with them.

To keep snakes away, however, it is necessary to fumigate your area on a frequent basis.

You may use bitter kola to negate the effect of snake venom if the compound or vicinity welcomed a snake and you were bitten in the process.

Chew 5-10 pieces of bitter kola right away, and you’ll feel compelled to pee the poison out of your system in a matter of seconds. Additionally, this procedure can be used to treat scorpion bites.

7. Helps to keep snakes away

An amazing health benefit of bitter kola is that Snakes can be dangerous to your health, especially if they are slithering around your house and yard and you have children.

There are some basic local ways you can take to completely eliminate snakes from your property.

To get rid of snakes in the area, ground Bitter kola and corn is one efficient approach. It doesn’t matter what sort of snake it is, or how big it is; all you have to do is grind the bitter kola and combine it with ground corn.

Spread it throughout the locations where you’ve seen snakes commonly travel through, as well as around the compound and your home; snakes will stay far away. At three-day intervals, repeat the process.

8. Food Poison

Another health benefit of Bitter kola is anti-poisonous by nature since it aids in the prevention of bacterial infection as a result of food poisoning. When eaten together, the bark and seed of Garcinia kola aid in the detoxification of the human system, particularly in cases of food poisoning.

Chewing bitter kola shortly after eating contaminated or suspected contaminated food is recommended.

It is believed that chewing and holding bitter Kola helps to ward off evil spirits and humans in some African cultures.


9. Sore Throat

Bitter kola seeds can be swallowed to relieve sore throats and hoarseness in the throat. Bitter kola helps to cleanse the throat by increasing mucus production along the lining of the vocal tube, which softens the dry throat.

10. Cough

Garcinia kola can help with a variety of health issues cough is the most common one (NCBI). Coughing for an extended period of time is harmful to one’s health, so it should be addressed as soon as symptoms appear.

Pneumonia, lung cancer, Whooping cough, Heart failure, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), BP medicines, bronchiectasis, Covid -19, and other conditions can all be treated using a variety of local treatments. If you have a cough, try the home remedies below and see a doctor if your symptoms persist.


Bitter kola And Honey For Cough

The health benefit of bitter kola is to cure a cough with the Bkola technique, mix 8-10 bitter kola nuts and place the paste in a clean container with a lid.

Get a half bottle of honey and pour a large amount into the mixture, about a 5:1 ratio, and stir thoroughly.

Allow at least an hour for fermentation. Then give it to your child or an adult three times a day until the cough symptoms go away.

This home treatment is quite effective. During therapy, avoid consuming cold or icy water.


Bitter kola, Tomtom, and Aligator pepper for cough

To use this method, you need

  • 1 seed of bitter kola
  • 10 seeds of alligator pepper
  • 1 tomtom

Steps: Take 10 alligator pepper seeds and peel the bitter kola. Remove the tomtom from the seal, combine them all, and eat at the same time. Repeat the procedure every day until the symptoms have entirely disappeared.

Note: This treatment is most effective for coughs that occur on a regular basis. However, if symptoms persist after using for at least 3 days, see your doctor for a correct diagnosis and treatment.

11. Respiratory problem

Bitter kola eating in moderation aids in the strengthening and stabilization of lung tissue as well as the maintenance of the respiratory tract.

Bitter Kola is used by traditional healers to treat chest colds. It also has a high antioxidant content, which is beneficial to a healthy body.

Chewing at least one bitter kola seed every two to three days will help you maintain good respiratory health.


Can Bitter Kola Improve Sperm Count? 

A conclusive research report by NCBI demonstrates that bitter kola seed extract can assist boost testicular weights, desire, erection, and ejaculation in addition to increasing sperm count. This discovery makes Garcinia kola an excellent choice for men who have a one-minute sperm count or who have watery sperm, low sperm count, or other sexual health issues.

For example, if you’re a man who releases sperm in less than a minute when making love or having sex with your girlfriend, chewing a few pieces of Garcinia kola could help you stay in bed longer. Men who have watery sperm as a result of excessive sugar consumption can also benefit from eating one to two pieces of bitter kola each day. It is critical to stop using the product as soon as possible.

Avoid eating too much in one sitting or utilizing it for an extended length of time, as the study found that lesser dosages of Garcinia kola are more helpful than greater doses in the treatment of poor sperm count/sperm quality and other sexually associated problems. As a result, long-term usage of Bitter kola therapy may have a harmful impact on sexual behaviour.

Does Bitter Kola Help Sexually?

Yes, ingesting two bitter kola seeds before having sexual contact with your spouse may help sexually. The health benefit of bitter kola or Garcinia kola was once regarded to be an aphrodisiac that may improve sexual performance and increase sex drive in some sections of Western Nigeria.

Note: This assertion is not supported up by solid scientific evidence, so more investigation is required.

Can Bitter Kola Cause Miscarriage?

Eating this bitter plant has not been linked to miscarriage or pregnancy loss, according to health experts and scientists. As a result, until the findings are completed, this question will be answered with a ‘NO’.

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