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Bitter Leaf Ailments Cure- See 11 Incredible Bitter Leaf Cure You Don’t Know About

Bitter Leaf Ailments Cure- Bitter leaf, which many people are unaware of, can treat at least a dozen ailments. It has been found to have antibacterial and antifungal characteristics that aid in the treatment of illnesses and ailments. learn the health benefits below.

Many people utilize it as a natural home medicine to treat ailments and diseases ranging from diabetes to measles in nations all over the world, particularly in Nigeria.

Bitter Leaf Ailments Cure- See 11 Incredible Bitter Leaf Cure You Don't Know About

The benefits of a bitter leaf are incredible and numerous. This leaf has a bitter taste, and not everyone appreciates it. Some people put up with the bitterness because of the health benefits that come with it.

Bitter-leaf is a popular vegetable among Nigerians from the eastern region of the country, known as the Igbos.

In Igbo, a bitter leaf soup known as ofe onugbu is thought to be peculiar to the inhabitants of the Anambra state.

The Yorubas, on the other hand, employ bitter leaf as a medicinal rather than a food.


Facts About Bitter Leaf

  • The botanical name is Vernonia amygdalina while the English name is a Bitter Leaf.
  • It can be chewed raw, used to cook soup, or drank as juice or tea.
  • It’s rich in vitamins A C E B1 and B2.
  • It contains minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium, and iron.
  • It’s consumed by both humans and animals.
  • It can be grown in the garden of a home.
  • It can be used as food and medicine.
  • The local names for Vernonia amygdalina in Nigerian languages is ewuro (Yoruba), onugbu (Igbo), Shakwa shuwaka (Hausa), Etidot (Cross River)

Flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenes, calcium, folic acid, copper, and other nutrients are found in the bitter leaf.

Bitter Leaf Ailments Cure, Now that you know the facts about the bitter leaf, you may learn more about the diseases and illnesses that it can treat.


Bitter Leaf Ailments Cure: Which Sickness Can Bitter Leaf Cure? 

There are a good number of harmful sicknesses you can manage or cure with bitter leaf, it’s juice or bitter leave water. These Bitter Leaf ailments cure include…

1. Measles

Can Bitter Leaf Cure Measles?

Independent research suggests that bitter leaf or its extract may aid in the treatment of measles in children and adults. However, scientific research

has rejected the idea that “bitter leaf may be used to treat measles.” Vernonia amygdalina has been found to be very medicinal and effective in the treatment of several health disorders, including those discussed above, but not measles.

N.B Measles infections should always be reported to a doctor, and you should never self-medicate. Bitter leaf coupled with dry gin (ogogoro) is ineffective in treating measles and should be avoided. As a result, if you have a measles infection, we recommend that you see your doctor.

How can I Prevent Measles?

Situations that would cause you to start asking Google queries like “how do I treat measles?” should be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, the adage “prevention is better than treatment” was not coined by accident. Natural herbs and bitter leaves are used by Nigerians and possibly other Africans to prevent measles, but this does not prove their usefulness or dependability. Immunization is the most effective and dependable method of preventing measles in children. Once your child is seven (7) months old, or at most nine (9) months old, you should take him or her for measles vaccination. Before immunizing your child, consult your doctor and follow all of the doctor’s advice.

In case you didn’t know, immunization helps protect your child from getting measles and, as a result, keeps other children in your community safe. Immunization protects your youngster for the rest of his or her life.

2. Diabetes

The consumption of bitter leaves has a beneficial effect on diabetes. It’s regarded to be a beneficial food for diabetic adults and children. Bitter leaf includes phytochemicals, vitamins, proteins, lipids, carbs, ash, and other nutrients, leading to this conclusion.

Drink one cup of bitter leaf water or juice every morning and evening/night before going to bed to benefit from this condition. When you notice an improvement in your condition, stop.

P.S. Before you start consuming vernonia amygdalina extracts, consult your doctor and follow his or her directions.

3. Fever

Bitter leaf solution can treat high fevers because to its high antiseptic qualities, flavonoid, glucosides, diterpene, lactones, and andrographolide content. Even though the practice is centuries old, it is still in demand, especially in areas where health care and necessary pharmaceuticals are scarce. Drink one cup of Vernonia amygdalina solution morning, afternoon, and night to treat a high fever.

How To Prepare The Solution: In a pot, combine 200cc of water, 10 grams of bitter leaf, and 25 grams of dry turmeric. Boil until the water added remains 100cc, filter to remove all but the liquid, and stir in 100 cc mahogany cotton flower. Allow cooling somewhat before serving to drink.

4. Piles

Bitter Leaf is a fantastic herbal remedy for preventing piles. For one week, drink one cup of bitter leaf water every day to help relieve the pain and swelling associated with piles. However, there is no evidence that vernonia amygdalina can heal piles, and there is no research to back this up.

5. Fibroid

Many people make the mistake of believing that operations like hysterectomy heal fibroids. However, surgeons are more concerned with managing the symptoms of fibroids than with removing the fibroids themselves.

Fibroids can be reduced or eliminated with natural treatments such as the usage of bitter leaf. For fibroids relief, squeeze 5 grams of vernonia amygdalina, extract the juice into a bottle, and drink twice daily. If you wish to try this procedure, make sure you get permission from your doctor beforehand.  Also, read Vitamin D can shrink fibroid – study reveals

6. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a health problem that puts your health at risk. The artery wall is stressed, and the heart has to work more than usual to pump blood. HBP, if not treated, can lead to a variety of additional problems. Bitter leaf, along with a few other herbs, can help lower blood pressure levels. According to a report, Bitter leaf has a favourable effect on high blood pressure and may help with treatment, the Journal of Food Biochemistry.

7. Malaria

Looking for a natural malaria cure at home? You’re covered with the vernonia amygdalina solution. Bitter leaf is one of the most powerful herbal malaria therapies. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to become well again with vernonia amygdalina treatment. This leaf has a powerful effect on the blood system, as it aids in blood cleansing and liver function enhancement. Here’s how to use the bitter leaf to treat malaria…

  • put a handful of the leaf into a clean bowl
  • wash thoroughly to eliminate sand particles
  • drain off the water completely
  • add two glasses of drinking water into the washed leaf
  • squeeze neatly and carefully
  • sieve the mixture with a sieve to separate the broken leaf from the juice.
  • then serve with a clean cup

One full glass cup of the extract taken morning, and evening will eliminate malaria symptoms completely.

8. Insomnia

Vernonia amygdalina juice should be your best plug if you have insomnia you can fall asleep a few minutes after climbing into bed with your head resting on a pillow.

Insomnia is a nighttime sleep thief and a daytime productivity killer, so if you have it, you must address it.

Your nerves will relax and settle as a result of the juice from this amazing plant, causing your body to sleep. Consistency is the key to beating insomnia. Never skip a day; take bitter leaf juice 1 hour before night for days, if not weeks, until you notice a difference.

Before taking it, see your doctor if you have a diagnosed health condition.

9. Cancer

Can bitter leaf cure prostate cancer naturally? The answer is “maybe”. A study shows that vernonia amygdalina has anti-cancer qualities of assisting slow or stopping the growth of cancer tumours, although the success in treating cancer is based on the severity and age of cancer.

Early detection is crucial in any health condition, which is why all humans, especially those over the age of 30, should get routine check-ups.

However, more research is needed to be certain that bitter leaf may completely treat cancer.

According to a study by NCBI, bitter leaf plants may cure or protect against stomach ulcers. Stomach ulcers, also known as gastric ulcers leave painful sores in the lining of your stomach. The feeling can be so discomforting but can be relieved with bitter leaf juice. Scientists believe the positive effect of this plant on stomach pain or ulcers is as a result of the antioxidants contained.

Thus: Bitter leave can help relieve stomach pain and improve ulcer conditions.

11. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

There is currently no scientific proof that bitter leaf can treat PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). However, research is ongoing and will be published later. However, until then, avoid using vernonia amygdalina to treat PID and instead seek medical advice from your doctor.

Vernonia amygdalina can also be used to treat the following conditions:


Bitter leaf water or juice may help to naturally heal diarrhoea. If you have difficulty with your bowel motions or digestion, consult a doctor before consuming bitter leaf water.


Vernonia amygdalina contains a rich amount of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to reproductive and general health at large. One study by PubMed shows that the plant can improve sperm quality which in turn rids of infertility. So, if you’re a couple trying to conceive, drink one cup of this plant solution mixed with scent leaf water for days or weeks depending on when you start seeing results.

Finally, vernonia amygdalina is a nutritious plant to eat. The health advantages are numerous and remarkable. It has a great therapeutic and nutritional value and should be included in meals frequently. It can also be chewed raw or juiced. The benefit will be obtained regardless of how you consume it.


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