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Did Thewizardliz Have Plastic Surgery? Before And After Photo

Let’s find out ‘Did Thewizardliz Have Plastic Surgery?’ Due to their similar names, a lot of people mistake Thewizardliz for Liziane Gutierrez and assume that she has had plastic surgery.

But Liziane is the one who is suffering from the excruciating side effects of cosmetic facial surgery and requires urgent surgery to stay alive.


Lize Dzjabrailova is the real name of The Wizard Liz. Liziane and Thewizardliz are two completely distinct people.

Did Thewizardliz Have Plastic Surgery? Before And After Photo

Model Liziane Gutierrez underwent surgery, however many people were misinformed and believed that Thewizardliz was the patient.

Thewizardliz has not had any cosmetic procedures or fillers, though. As their names are similar, there have been suspicions that she will undergo surgery after Liziane’s procedure was reported.

The filler that the Brazilian model Gutierrez had injected into her cheeks and lips was creating abnormal swelling, so she was forced to undergo the potentially life-saving treatment in her own country.

Did Thewizardliz Have Plastic Surgery?
Liziane Gutierrez before and after photos. (Source: Purepeople)

The reports state that Gutierrez’s physician thought she might be in danger of dying from an illness that could enter her bloodstream.

Additionally, less than a year prior to the Instagram celebrity having the substance injected into her face, a young woman who had undergone liposuction narrowly avoided sliding into a coma.


Who Is Thewizardliz? Age And Wiki

Thewizardliz is a well-known American social media personality who was born on January 1, 1999, in the United States. She is also a TikTok Star. She has a 23-year-old age.

Her zodiac sign, based on the day of her birth, is Capricorn. She is 52 kilograms and 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Lize has lovely black hair and brown eyes. Dzjabrailova is of Caucasian ancestry and is a citizen of the United States.

Did Thewizardliz Have Plastic Surgery?
Thewizardliz is 23 year old TikTok star and Youtuber. (Source: Anabel)

The TikTok celebrity also doesn’t have any romantic relationships. She is unmarried and unattached.

The YouTuber aspires to empower others via their bodies, just like she has. Her encouraging ideas are featured in the majority of her TikTok videos.

Reddit, on the other hand, seems to have very different opinions about Liz, a well-known figure on social media, calling her a “deluded narcissist.”


Is Thewizardliz And Liziane Gutierrez Related? Liziane Gutierrez Biography

Although Thewizardliz and Liziane Gutierrez are unrelated to one another, the similarities in their names led to some confusion in the public.

Model, media personality, influencer, social media guru, social worker, and Instagram personality Liziane Gutierrez is well-known.

In the nation, Gutierrez is well-recognized for her stunning bikini photo shoot. The model has also collaborated with numerous businesses and publications.

Did Thewizardliz Have Plastic Surgery?
Liziane Gutierrez underwent surgery to avoid possible death. (Source: OFuxico)

On March 31, 1986, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s State of Rio de Janeiro, the media face was born. Age 36 applies to her.

Additionally, the influencer is of white ancestry and has Brazilian nationality. Liziane practices Christianity in a similar way.

The Instagram star, according to the source, graduated from a prestigious university but never revealed all of the specifics of her education online.

Additionally, Gutierrez is wed to Antonio Machedo, however, some reports state that they separated after getting divorced.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Did Thewizardliz Have Plastic Surgery?

No, Thewizardliz has not done surgery. Liziane is the one who went under the surgery. People needed clarification as their names matched.

How Old Is Thewizardliz?

Thewizardliz is 23 years old.

Who Is Thewizardliz?

Thewizardliz is a famous TikTok star and Youtuber. Her real name is Lize Dzjabrailova.

Who Is Liziane Gutierrez?

Liziane Gutierrez is a well-known influencer, model, and Instagram personality.

Is Thewizardliz And Liziane Gutierrez Related?

No, Thewizardliz and Liziane Gutierrez are not related to each other.

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