Why Is Louis Cato Absent: Is He Sick? Update On Health And Illness

Why Is Louis Cato Absent: Is He Sick?

Let’s find out ‘Why Is Louis Cato Absent: Is He Sick?’ Louis Cato’s absence as bandleader of The Late Show band was noticed. In response to the outpouring of worry, the artist revealed his whereabouts and performed a cover of Michael Jackson’s “I’ll Be There.”

If you watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you’ve probably seen Louis Cato. He is the bandleader of The Late Show Band, the show’s house band.

The multi-instrumentalist is capable of playing a wide range of musical instruments, including guitar, percussion, bass, low brass, and others.

Why Is Louis Cato Absent: Is He Sick?

The musician is an accomplished vocalist and songwriter. He’s been on the show since mid-2022. Louis Cato’s absence on The Late Show was noticeable because he was a vital member of the band.

Fans of the Portuguese-born artist want to know where he is and why he was missing from his regular place on the popular CBS show. Let’s learn more about the issue.



Is Louis Cato Sick? Where Is The Bandleader? Health And Illness Update

Earlier this week, on the 8 November broadcast of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, viewers inquired about Louis Cato, who was not in his customary spot.

“#Colbert where is Louis Cato, and why is the drummer upfront?” one fan tweeted. Another person just inquired as to the whereabouts of Louis Cato.

Cato took to Instagram on November 8, 2022, in response to his fans’ tremendous curiosity and anxiety, and published a note concerning his whereabouts.

“Happy Monday, you all,” the multi-talented musician wrote in the message. As it were, fresh off an extraordinary weekend of high vibes and (dare I say) memorable collaborations.”

“Apparently, it was time for my yearly coronavirus “sit yo self down,” he continued. I have a nasty cold, but I’m fine. “I am grateful to my friends and collaborators.”

Why Is Louis Cato Absent: Is He Sick?
Louis Cato will soon return to the talk show. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

So we can assume that The Late Show Bandleader’s absence from his regular slot was due to illness. The musician appears to be on the mend and will soon return to the show.

Recognizing how much his fans missed him, he performed musical goodness and covered Michael Jackson’s “I’ll Be There.”


Louis Cato Career Details

Louis Cato began his musical career as a child because his mother was a church organist. The jazz and R&B singer attended Boston’s Berklee College of Music for two semesters before dropping out in 2004.

Why Is Louis Cato Absent: Is He Sick?
Louis Cato is The Late Show Band’s bandleader. (Source: latestnews)

At a jam session at the North Sea Jazz festival, he met Marcus Miller, a gifted American musician and record producer. The music lovers eventually went on several years of joint tours.

Louis joined the band Stay Human during Colbert’s Late Show’s start in 2015 (the previous name of The Late Show Band). Additionally, he used to act as the band’s interim leader whenever Jon Batiste, the original Leader, was absent.

In the summer of 2022, the former bandleader took a sabbatical from the chat show. Cato took over as the new band leader of the House band when it was revealed in August of the same year that Batiste would not be making a comeback.


Louis Cato Family

Albemarle, North Carolina, was Louis Cato’s hometown while he was growing up in Portugal. There are no specifics about his father, although his mother played the organ in churches.

Parents must have encouraged the musician’s profession. Additionally, they must be pleased with his accomplishments.

Regarding his personal life, Louis Cato had two children and was happily married. He also had a lovely family of four. His wife and children’s identities remain a secret. The Cato family must nevertheless lead a beautiful life while not being under media scrutiny.

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