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George Clooney And Brad Pitt Co-Star In New Thriller ‘Wolfs’

  • George Clooney and Brad Pitt are co-stars in the upcoming thriller “Wolfs”.
  • The film is directed by Jon Watts, known for his work on the Marvel “Spider-Man” trilogy.
  • The movie follows two lone-wolf professional fixers hired for the same job, played by Clooney and Pitt.
  • The movie is set to release in theaters on September 20, 2024, and will also be available on Apple TV+.

Newsypeople- George Clooney and Brad Pitt reunite on the big screen in the upcoming thriller “Wolfs,” marking their first collaboration since 2008’s “Burn After Reading.” Directed by Jon Watts, known for his work on the “Spider-Man” trilogy, “Wolfs” is set to release in theaters on September 20th.

The film follows two professional fixers, portrayed by Clooney and Pitt, who find themselves working on the same case, leading to unexpected complications and forcing them to collaborate despite their initial reluctance.

Wolfs Trailer: George Clooney & Brad Pitt Reunite As Fixers Reluctantly  Teaming Up For A Messy Job

This project brings together a powerhouse production team, including Clooney’s Smokehouse Pictures and Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment, along with Watts and Dianne McGunigle serving as producers.

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George Clooney And Brad Pitt Co-Star In New Thriller ‘Wolfs’

George Clooney and Brad Pitt, two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, are reuniting on the big screen after a 16-year hiatus in the upcoming thriller “Wolfs”. The film, directed by Jon Watts (Spider-Man: No Way Home), centers around two lone-wolf professional fixers who are hired to do the same job.

In a thrilling turn of events, Clooney and Pitt, who have previously worked together in the Ocean’s Eleven franchise and Burn After Reading, will play the two fixers who are forced to collaborate on a high-profile crime cover-up. The official synopsis reveals that Clooney’s character is a professional fixer hired to clean up a messy situation, but when Pitt’s character, a second fixer, shows up, the two “lone wolves” must work together in ways they never expected.

The film boasts an impressive supporting cast, including Amy Ryan (The Office), Austin Abrams (Euphoria), and Poorna Jagannathan (Never Have I Ever). Sony Pictures will release “Wolfs” in theaters on September 20, 2024, before it becomes available on Apple TV+.
The first official trailer for “Wolfs” has been released, offering a glimpse into the tense and comedic dynamic between Clooney and Pitt’s characters. The trailer shows the two stars sitting silently in a car as the windshield wipers move back and forth, hinting at the film’s suspenseful and unpredictable nature.

“Wolfs” marks the fifth collaboration between Clooney and Pitt, who share a genuine friendship off-screen. Their previous joint projects include the Ocean’s Eleven trilogy (2001-2007) and Burn After Reading (2008). Both actors have also lent their voices to John Krasinski’s upcoming animated action-comedy, IF.

George Clooney And Brad Pitt Co-Star In New Thriller 'Wolfs'
George Clooney And Brad Pitt Co-Star In New Thriller ‘Wolfs’

With its talented cast, acclaimed director, and the reunion of two of Hollywood’s most charismatic leading men, “Wolfs” is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated films of 2024. Fans of Clooney, Pitt, and thrilling action-comedies are sure to mark their calendars for September 20, when “Wolfs” hits theaters.

‘Wolfs’ Movie Project Explored

The upcoming film “Wolfs” follows two “lone wolf fixers” who are assigned to the same job. The movie stars Brad Pitt, Amy Ryan, George Clooney, and Austin Abrams, and is directed by Jon Watts. The film was the subject of a major bidding war between Sony, Lionsgate, Apple, and Netflix, with Apple ultimately securing the distribution rights.

Pitt and Clooney, who are both producing the film through their production companies, are reportedly taking lower salaries to negotiate a theatrical release with Apple.

In contrast, the 2022 South Korean film “Project Wolf Hunting” is a science fiction action horror film directed by Kim Hong-sun. The film follows dangerous criminals who are being transported from the Philippines to South Korea on a cargo ship, and an escape attempt leads to a riot that unleashes a sinister force on board.

The film features an ensemble cast including Seo In-guk, Jang Dong-yoon, Choi Gwi-hwa, and Sung Dong-il.

“Project Wolf Hunting” had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2022 and was released in South Korean theaters shortly after. The film received generally positive reviews, with critics praising the intense action sequences and over-the-top violence.

George Clooney And Brad Pitt Co-Star In New Thriller 'Wolfs'
George Clooney And Brad Pitt Co-Star In New Thriller ‘Wolfs’

It was noted for blending elements of various genres, including “Con Air”, “Predator”, “Resident Evil”, and “Tokyo Gore Police”. While the film’s plot was considered slightly uneven, the sheer spectacle of the bloody mayhem was a major draw for fans of extreme Asian action cinema. “Project Wolf Hunting” grossed $3.9 million worldwide against a $9.1 million budget.

In contrast, “Wolfs” is still in production and does not yet have a confirmed release date, though it is expected to premiere in September 2024. The film appears to be a more mainstream action thriller compared to the hyper-violent “Project Wolf Hunting”, but details about the plot and tone remain scarce.

Given the star power involved and the high-profile bidding war, “Wolfs” is likely being positioned as a major theatrical release, whereas “Project Wolf Hunting” had a more limited arthouse/genre film distribution. Overall, while the two films share some superficial similarities around the “lone wolf” premise, they seem to represent quite different cinematic approaches and target audiences.

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