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Olivia Rodrigo Tours Amsterdam Amid ‘Guts World Tour’

  • Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Guts World Tour’ includes a stop in Amsterdam, Netherlands, much to the delight of her European fan base.
  • Following the release of her critically acclaimed debut album, “SOUR,” Rodrigo’s live performances are expected to captivate audiences with her emotive songs and energetic stage presence.
  • The announcement has generated significant buzz among fans, who are looking forward to experiencing Rodrigo’s music live in one of Europe’s cultural capitals.
  • While the exact location of the Amsterdam concert is still undisclosed, it is anticipated to be a highlight of the tour, offering fans a unique opportunity to connect with Rodrigo’s music in a live setting.

Newsypeople – Olivia Rodrigo is a singer-songwriter and actress from America. She is known for her appearance in Bizaardvark, a Disney Channel series, as well as High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, a Disney+ show.

Olivia was born on the 20th of February, 2003 in Murrieta, California. She was born to a father of Filipino descent and a mother who had German and Irish ancestry. At a young age she took up singing, acting, and piano classes. This was later followed by her start in writing songs around 12 years old after she listened to some country musicians such as Taylor Swift etc.


In 2021, Rodrigo signed with Geffen Records where she dropped her first single “Drivers License” which went number one worldwide making it an international sensation releasing sour which won three Grammys including Best New Artist before dropping another album “Guts” in 2023.

She has sold millions of records around the globe & received critical acclaim in equal measure having achieved 3 Billboard Hot 100 number-one hits, 2 Billboard 200 number-one albums among many other accolades such as American Music Awards, etc; being named Billboard Woman Of The Year 2022 also Time’s Entertainer Of The Year 2021

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Olivia Rodrigo Tours Amsterdam Amid ‘Guts World Tour

The “GUTS World Tour” by Olivia Rodrigo has been a big deal for fans around the world who have seen a lot of talent and growth from this young artist. Starting in Palm Springs, California on February 23rd 2024 it now spans more than 60 dates throughout North America (including Canada), Europe, Asia and down under in Australia too! Her album “Guts” was released last September, marking her 19th year with songs that were very much her own storytelling about what she went through during that age.

There are many different opening acts lined up for the shows during this tour like The Breeders, PinkPantheress , Chappell Roan, Remi Wolf and Benee who will be joining at various points. In order to try and stop bots as well as resale, fans were told they should sign up before tickets went on sale. Prices vary depending on where you are but in America standard ticket prices range is between 49.50 dollars and 199.50 dollars each plus tax etc. however there are also these things called Silver Star Tickets which cost 20 bucks (&taxes &fees) that were created by Livvy herself so more people could come see her play live- they come as pairs with no assigned seating until ShowTime!

Furthermore, her “Fund 4 Good” initiative has been incorporated into various elements of the tour which aims at supporting women and girls globally through funding community-based NGOs advocating for girls’ education, and reproductive health rights as well as preventing gender-based violence among others. Proceeds from ticket sales go towards this cause too!

This is the 84th stop worldwide on the GUTS WORLD TOUR since it began thrilling audiences with Rodrigo’s performances and showing how much she’s developed artistically speaking along the way. What’s more? Amsterdam was added onto its list of cities visited internationally thus far further proving just how diverse her music can be received around the globe.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Diverse Supporting Acts Enrich Concert Experience

The ‘GUTS World Tour’ by Olivia Rodrigo has shown how much she has grown as an artist and her ability to reach out to her fans through music. Starting in Palm Springs on February 23, 2024, this series of concerts has had different supporting acts that reflect the diversity of songs that influence Rodrigo’s creativity and dynamism which she promotes during performances.

Rodrigo knows that it is vital for concerts to flow well so she has chosen accompanying singers and groups who will keep the audience interested and entertained. These musicians bring their own styles and vibes into play hence making each show unique and worth attending.
Chappell Roan is among those who were given a chance by Olivia Rodrigo to showcase their talent on stage before her. This pop artiste drew inspiration from Katy Perry as well as ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ while growing up thereby blending them with his own amazing voice when he opened for Rodrigo in Palm Desert where he left everyone amazed at such powerful vocals.
The Breeders, an iconic Gen-X rock band took over from Roan during four nights at Madison Square Garden thus passing on the baton to Remi Wolf; an eclectic singer-songwriter full of charisma who handled European dates easily before giving way for PinkPantheress, an electro-pop sensation who thrived on North American leg thereby adding more color into this already vibrant ‘GUTS World Tour’.

It has been observed that these opening acts have brought out different meanings of girlhood which are also reflected in songs done by Olivia. The tour therefore seems like a place where big voices meet bigger people while trying new ideas about being feminine through music Aside from being an artist, Rodrigo’s “GUTS World Tour” displayed her community-building capabilities. This was demonstrated during the Amsterdam leg of the tour, which took place on May 24, 2024 at Ziggo Dome. It proved that she can attract people from all walks of life within different cultures around the world.

Her authenticity has been the hallmark of every performance she has given while showing self-love as a way forward in one’s career growth process. She has taught us how important it is for an individual to occupy their own space through these shows where they were big enough around whole stages; sometimes she would stand near certain parts during certain songs more than others. Additionally, there were various aspects unique only to this particular series like an entire stadium being circled by a floating moon which provided backseat viewers with good visuals on specific tracks.

The “GUTS World Tour” is not just another music event; it is unique because of its emphasis on diversity and all-inclusiveness. What sets this global platform apart from others created so far in history? In addition to presenting different types of songs from various parts of her world, Rodrigo also managed to make every single person feel like they belong somewhere – no matter how far away they might be physically located at that point in time – through these concerts, she held dear while showcasing versatility at its best hence making waves around.

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