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ITV Studios Unveils Signpost Entertainment in MultiStory Media

  • ITV Studios has launched Signpost Entertainment as part of MultiStory Media, integrating the network production arm of Signpost Productions.
  • Signpost Entertainment will focus on diversity and inclusion in its productions, led by creative director Gareth Deighan.
  • The move aims to combine diverse storytelling with scaled-up production opportunities.
  • Signpost Productions will continue to operate independently, focusing on shows like “This is Deaf” and providing on-screen British Sign Language translations.
  • Both entities will collaborate on developing a pipeline of diverse talent through the Signpost Academy.

Newsypeople- ITV Studios is a well-known production company that has made a great contribution to the entertainment industry. ITV Studios has a wide range of successful shows and a strong representation in the global market; thus, it is well-known for creating high-quality content in different genres. 

The company’s expertise ranges from drama and reality TV to documentaries and game shows, thus demonstrating a wide range of creative capabilities. ITV Studios’ dedication to innovation and excellence has made it a leading player in the television production sector, with a reputation for producing compelling and interesting programming for audiences all over the world.

ITV Studios Unveils Signpost Entertainment in MultiStory Media
ITV Studios Unveils Signpost Entertainment in MultiStory Media | Source: Televisual

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ITV Studios Unveils Signpost Entertainment in MultiStory Media

ITV Studios has taken a big step by creating Signpost Entertainment as part of its MultiStory Media division, which is a strategic expansion that will help to promote diversity and inclusion in television production. This has been brought about by ITV Studios’ purchase of the network production arm of Signpost Productions, a company that is well known for its commitment to programming that focuses on diversity.
Signpost Productions, a production house in the north-east of England, has produced various shows, including Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes for the BBC and Deaf Away Days for TNT Sports. The combination of Signpost Productions and ITV Studios to form the new banner of Signpost Entertainment shows the coming together of the two entities to use their strengths to create content that will appeal to a wide audience and at the same time reinforce diversity and inclusion.

The company, under the leadership of Gareth Deighan, the creative director, will be managed by Tim Carter, the CEO of MultiStory Media, and Ana de Moraes, the chief creative officer. This style of leadership guarantees that Signpost Entertainment will continue to be the one that promotes diversity and inclusion in its productions.

Signpost Entertainment and MultiStory Media are working together in order to find the opportunities that are linked to the combination of various forms of storytelling and large-scale production. This collaboration is supposed to create the right atmosphere that stimulates innovation and creativity, which will eventually result in the creation of high-quality content that will appeal to a wide range of viewers.

Although the transition has taken place, Signpost Productions will keep on functioning by itself within ITV while still being dedicated to the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust as well as the BBC’s The One Show regular inserts. Moreover, Signpost Productions will keep providing on-screen British sign language translations for various broadcasters and will be the one to manage its production and post-production facilities in Gateshead and Leeds.

The arrangement guarantees that Signpost Productions preserves its independence while at the same time getting the resources and expertise from ITV Studios. Moreover, Signpost Entertainment and Signpost Productions will join hands to create a pipeline of diverse talent through the Signpost Academy, a training arm that is aimed at the development of future leaders in the television industry.

ITV Studios Unveils Signpost Entertainment in MultiStory Media
ITV Studios Unveils Signpost Entertainment in MultiStory Media | Source: YouTube

The initiative shows the common interest of both parties to give on-screen disability representation and off-screen accessibility the top priority and to make entertaining content that will be enjoyed by the audiences authentically, joyfully, and easily.

Tim Carter, the CEO of MultiStory Media, said that he is very excited about the fact that they and Signpost Entertainment have the same goal and that they can work together on creating a new production that will integrate the on-screen disability representation and the off-screen accessibility into their productions.

He also pointed out that, under the leadership of Gareth Deighan, Signpost Entertainment can become a creative force. Gareth Deighan shared the same feeling, saying that the collaboration was “incredibly exciting” and adding that the partnership would definitely boost the output of Signpost Entertainment and, at the same time, promote the diversity and inclusion policy.

ITV Studios History And Achievement

ITV Studios, a subsidiary of the British broadcaster ITV plc, is a leading force in the television production and distribution industry, the pinnacle of innovation and the peak of success. ITV Studios has a global presence stretching to 12 countries, of which the UK is just one. The company produces content for major channels like ITV and Channel 4, in addition to extending its range to the United States, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Israel, France, Spain, and Scandinavia. This global presence clearly shows that ITV Studios is dedicated to providing the best quality, interesting content that audiences worldwide will be able to enjoy.

The main factor in ITV Studios’ success is the fact that it has always been so hardworking in developing new technologies and digital transformation. The modern day of television broadcasting has made the transition of ITV Studios to streaming platforms like ITVX, and consequently, the studio has expanded its production to conform to the constantly changing television watching trend. This change in the direction towards digital platforms is not only about accommodating the consumer’s preference; it is about the innovation that is being used to improve the commercial value and the customer proposition of its programs.

ITV Studios Unveils Signpost Entertainment in MultiStory Media
ITV Studios Unveils Signpost Entertainment in MultiStory Media | Source: Televisual

A noticeable person driving this change is Rob O’Brien, the Head of International Technology at ITV Studios. O’Brien’s position is to search for the newest technologies that will be helpful to the employees and allow the creative people to do their work to the best of their ability. His operations go across the world, with the UK being only one of the 13 countries where he operates. He has a team that cooperates with various companies and production labels. This worldwide attraction of ITV Studios will ensure that the company is always on top of the latest technological advancements in television production.

A couple of the technologies that ITV Studios has adopted are Zoho Creator and Zoho Analytics. These tools have changed the way ITV Studios deals with production data; thus, they have become the source of quicker decision-making, and they give the creatives an opportunity to make compelling content. As a result of the unified production data, which is now owned and structured by ITV Studios, the company has a competitive advantage in dealing with the rapidly changing television market. The usage of Zoho’s low-code platforms has been a great help to the fast and flexible development and adaptation of the systems; thus, ITV Studios’ agility in picking up the new technologies has been proven.

ITV Studios Unveils Signpost Entertainment in MultiStory Media
ITV Studios Unveils Signpost Entertainment in MultiStory Media

The Interactive Television Studios at ITV Studios is the key institution that helps in this digital transformation process. The hub is concerned with the improvement of workflows, systems, and processes through the use of the latest technology. It is the hub’s goal to provide the production teams with the latest technology that will facilitate their creativity and efficiency. This initiative is just one part of the ITV Studios strategy to investigate the possibilities of the use of AI and machine learning in production; however, the technology’s immaturity and the regulations are the challenges that need to be overcome.

ITV Studios’ dedication to digital transformation is not just about the adoption of new technologies; it’s about the promotion of a culture of innovation and constant improvement. With the help of companies like Zoho, ITV Studios has shown its skill to use technology to reduce procedures, improve creativity, and increase growth. The television landscape is going through changes, and ITV Studios is ready to take up the challenges and opportunities that will come with the new developments, thus securing its position as a leader in the industry.

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