Who Is Patsy Clairmont’s Husband Les? Details About The Author’s Married Life In A Frame!


Who Is Patsy Clairmont’s Husband Les? Les Clairmont is married to American author Patsy Clairmont.

She has made it her life’s work to bring listeners of all ages together around relevant themes through the well-known podcast Bridges with Patsy Clairmont and Andrew Greer, which she co-hosts and co-produces. She is one of the top Christian authors on the scene.


Who Is Patsy Clairmont's Husband Les


To try to straddle the conversation ideologies, the two personalities reveal spiritual ties. They accept guest appearances from coworkers like Tasha Layton, Andrew Peterson, and Kathie Lee Gifford, to name a few, and Andrew, a singer/songwriter and author, is the ideal Yin to her Yang.

Indeed, they celebrated Black History Month with a series of important talks while their guests shared their experiences with racism, demonstrating how faith transcends gender and color. While asking questions at a table may not change the foundation of the nation, it does help someone who wants to understand the viewpoints of those on the other side of the aisle.

As they merely wanted to respect all life, the global pandemic led to a number of unbalanced racial relations and political upheaval.

Additionally, they make it a point to unite through their shared experiences, music, and religious beliefs in order to educate their friends while also learning new things.

The podcast currently ranks in the Top 15 on Apple’s Religion & Spirituality podcast, demonstrating its usefulness and necessity in the modern world.


Quick Info:

Full Name Patsy Clairmont
Occupation Author
Religion Christians
Husband Les Clairmont
Age gap 1 year
Son Marty and Jason


Who Is Patsy Clairmont’s Husband Les? Relationship Timeframe & Age Gap Explored

In order to marry her husband Les Clairmont when he was 18 years old, writer Patsy Clairmont left school when she was 17 years old. Despite having a slight one-year age difference, they share a happy marriage.

Although their love relationship had been anything but easy, it didn’t take her long to win his heart.

Sadly, Les has developed a number of illnesses that have sapped his strength.

He suffered his second heart attack thirty years ago, necessitating a triple bypass, and that is when everything started. He suffered a third heart attack and had to be medically retired to assist extend his life, so the treatment did nothing to improve his condition.

In 2015, she used Facebook to ask her fans to remember her boyfriend while he underwent surgery to treat a deadly infection in the lower part of his left leg. His prevailing conditions of heart and diabetes deteriorated his chances of recovery, but they fought the disease with equal vigor.


She recently revealed that he had started chemotherapy after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and begged for prayers to get them through their difficult time.

Even though she was aware of the symptoms, she ignored them when they appeared during her trips up the hill to get the mail. She blamed becoming older, believing that all she needed was a regular exercise regimen to feel young again.

When a shooting pain started in her arm and spread throughout her body, she increased her motility instead of going to the doctor.

Her husband noticed the beads of sweat and responded fast, booking her for a consultation. The worst had happened; yet, she had the support of her friends and family and needed surgery.

Meet Patsy Clairmont And Les Children

Les, Patsy Clairmont’s 50-year-old husband, and their two boys Marty and Jason make up their family.

Although they do not use social media, her second son Jason and his buddy Caleb Farley founded Socially Smart. Parents can join a group of leaders and caregivers who work to put their kids on the road of spirituality by paying a monthly prescription fee of $8.

Additionally, the website gives users access to a private Facebook Community Group that serves as a secure forum for questions regarding social media and technology. She was overjoyed with his accomplishments and ecstatic about his efforts to create a better future for her grandkids and other families.

In addition, her love for her family practically vanished when she developed agoraphobia and started experiencing panic episodes and never-ending cycles of fear.

She was fortunately introduced to Recovery Inc. thanks to her doctor, and she devotedly attended its two weekly meetings before taking over as group leader. It was a difficult road for her to get out of her predicament, but her connection with the Grace Baptist Church changed everything.

She expounded on her experience after serving for eleven years as the speaker for the organization Women of Faith in an interview with Friend Rose Phillips. Every weekend, she easily reaches thousands of people thanks to the comedy and truth she adds, which truly makes a difference.

How Much Does Patsy Clairmont Worth 2022?

Although Patsy Clairmont’s net worth as of 2022 hasn’t been calculated, we anticipate that she will earn a sizeable sum from her numerous writing, podcasting, and public speaking ventures.

She has always loved reading, so it was obvious that she would pursue her aspirations when she used to take part in spelling bees in elementary school. She still enjoys playing Words with Friends, but her favorite past time remains Scrabble.

Her southern upbringing, from Tennessee to Michigan, was replete with cowgirl boots and having Porch Mayor as her one true love.

In fact, she made her literary debut in 1991 with the release of the funny novel God Uses Cracked Pots.

As a writer who writes in a variety of genres, including devotional, fiction, and children’s books, it became clear that she needed to have a stack of books to read.

I Grew Up Little, God Uses Cracked Pots, Stepping Stones, A Garden Path, and Sleep Sweet are only a few of her best-known compositions.

But because she was the first speaker at Women of Faith, the ladies know her as a mystery with a great zeal for God. After connecting with her peers by sharing personal experiences during speeches in vast stadiums in major cities, she has emerged as a shining example for others.



What is Patsy Clairmont’s illness?

  • She was given an agoraphobia constriction diagnosis.

Who is Patsy Clairmont’s husband?

  • Les Clairmont, a popular figure known as the Porch Mayor, is married to Patsy Clairmont, a Christian author and speaker.

Is Patsy Clairmont on Instagram?

  • Patsy Clairmont has 68 thousand followers on her Instagram account, patsyclairmont.

Did Patsy Clairmont get heart surgery?

  • On Easter Sunday, Patsy Clairmont underwent a cardiac catheterization and had bypass surgery the following Tuesday after experiencing bouts of persistent pain.
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