Aurora Culpo Say She Allows Her Ex-Husband To Cheat Once A Year

Aurora Culpo Allows Her Ex-Husband to Cheat Once a Year

Let’s find out does ‘Aurora Culpo Allows Her Ex-Husband to Cheat Once a Year’ The Culpo Sisters on TLC included a shocking revelation from Olivia Culpo’s sister, lifestyle guru Aurora Culpo.

Aurora admitted she allowed her ex-husband to cheat on her with a “random” person once a year.

Aurora Culpo Allows Her Ex-Husband to Cheat Once a Year
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Sadly, soon after having children, their marriage started to crumble. Here are her reasons for allowing the infidelity and her feelings about it after their marriage.

Aurora Received A DM about Her Husband Cheating on Her

Aurora’s marriage had been having trouble for a while. She wanted some time to digest what was happening, so she held off on informing her family. At some point, Aurora revealed to Olivia and Sophia the marital problems she and her then-husband Mikey were experiencing. They were “struggling with what marriage entails,” she said.

Aurora continued by claiming that she received a direct message accusing Mikey of cheating on her. When she told Mikey about the message, she claims he confirmed its veracity and acknowledged that the cheating took place twice that year.

The character Aurora says in the episode, “I made a rule with him way back when because I was so sure that nothing could ever come between what we had, as nothing would ever be as special as what we had. He was permitted to hook up with a stranger once a year.

Olivia, her sister, retorted, “What are you thinking?” Aurora said that only her spouse had been given the go-ahead for sporadic annual hookups. She never asked, thus she didn’t have the same arrangement.


Aurora Culpo Explanation: Aurora Culpo Allows Her Ex-Husband to Cheat Once a Year

Because Aurora doesn’t think males can be faithful, she decided to give her ex a pass. This is based on the idea that males need to be able to hook up with just one person in order to prevent cheating, she explains on the program. “However, it couldn’t have been someone I knew; it had to be something arbitrary, and they had to use security. Men don’t cheat? I just don’t buy it.


Aurora Says She Felt ‘Betrayed’

Aurora had hopes that she and Mikey could make this arrangement work, but it didn’t. She claims that after going through it firsthand, she felt “betrayed.” She informs the producers that in previous relationships where her spouse had been sneaking around behind her back, she initially believed this may be helpful for her marriage.

Because of previous relationships in which I discovered that someone was being dishonest or that I was the lady on the side, Aurora adds, “I offered him the option to have a one-year.” Did it function for me? Not at all, as I felt betrayed.

Aurora found it hard to accept that her ex-husband chose to be with someone else during the most trying period of their marriage. She claims that feeling almost made her want to cry.

Couples therapy was tried by Aurora and Mikey, but it didn’t appear to work. She claims that Mikey informed her that she had changed and that he was unwilling to renegotiate the arrangement. Her mother persuaded Aurora to stay in the marriage for the sake of the children. Aurora, though, doesn’t think she can pull it off. According to Aurora, there isn’t really a marriage in this situation.

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Some FAQs

Who Are Aurora Culpo Parents?

The reality show star parents are Peter Culpo and Susan Curran Culpo.

What Is Aurora Culpo Age?

Aurora Culpo (born 5 April 1989; Age: 33 years)

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