Check How She Started Her Singing Career- Details

Meet Melanie Cowmeadow, Melanie began her singing from a very young age and got professionally involved in this field just in 2022 when she released her debut single entitled Destined to Follow (Shadow). We can say that Cowmeadow has eight years of learning in the music and is now exploring more in this field after coming in the new season of The Voice Australia.


Cowmeadow is now due to perform a song called Never Let You Go, which is claimed to be a personal favourite of hers. Meanwhile, she has a close relationship with her father and wishes to please him by producing the finest performance in the competition. As a result, Cowmeadow fans are eagerly anticipating the next episode of The Voice.

Melanie Cowmeadow Is Ready To Make Her Parents Proud

Melanie Cowmeadow, 24, is currently competing in the latest season of The Voice Australia. Following the announcement of her involvement, people were eager to learn more about her parents. Her father, Paul, was sadly killed in a labour accident and suffered from a traumatic brain injury, as we all know.


Her mother’s name is now unavailable on public platforms, but she is undoubtedly proud of her daughter. Cowmeadow also has siblings who’s names are currently being considered. Cowmeadow is also a family person, thus she enjoys spending time with them.

Melanie, A Native Adelaide  – Details

Melanie Cowmeadow was born and raised in Adelaide, where she spent her whole youth. Cowmeadow is also active on Instagram, where we can find her under the handle Cowmeadow also has over 2k followers at the present, and her following is projected to grow as she progresses through The Voice.

Aside from that, we may follow her on Instagram to obtain updates on her experience in the reality singing show, where Cowmweadow posts on a daily basis.