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7 Secrets And Tips To Picking the Best Salmon, According To Chefs

7 Secrets And Tips To Picking the Best Salmon: Salmon is an excellent choice for your refrigerator or freezer since it is packed with minerals that support a healthy metabolism, anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, and muscle-building protein.

Salmon may be prepared in so many different ways that it is difficult to become bored. However, choosing high-quality fish is just as crucial as how you prepare it. The grocery shop is where the search for a delectable dinner begins.

In light of this, we consulted a few seasoned chefs to seek their advice on how to get the best fresh salmon available when grocery shopping.

7 Secrets And Tips To Picking the Best Salmon

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Check Out The 7 Secrets And Tips To Picking the Best Salmon

1. Don’t Get Hung Up On Wild vs. Farmed Fish

7 Secrets And Tips To Picking the Best Salmon

Not sure if you want to spend more money on wild salmon than farm-raised fish? Both, according to head chef and owner Larry White of Lo Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, Brunch & Sip, and Monroe’s Hot Chicken, have special advantages.

“White tells Eat This, Not That! that although salmon from farms is typically avoided, there is technology in place that makes it quite safe to eat.

Salmon that is raised on farms is more affordable and environmentally friendly than salmon that is conventionally fished. Both preserve particular nutrients. For instance, wild salmon has more calcium, zinc, and potassium while farmed salmon has more fat.”

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2. The Salmon’s Flesh Should Be Red

7 Secrets And Tips To Picking the Best Salmon

Salmon’s color and moistness are excellent indicators of freshness.

White notes that the salmon “shouldn’t have any brown or other discolored areas on it.” “The salmon should have any color from deep red to bright pink. Sever any salmon that appears pallid.”

3. Salmon Shouldn’t Smell Fishy

7 Secrets And Tips To Picking the Best Salmon
The chef checks is salmon is fresh

I realize that this may cause some confusion—if fresh salmon shouldn’t smell fishy, what should it smell like?

“Fish shouldn’t have a fishy smell. It ought to smell like the sea “Chef de cuisine at La Grande Boucherie in New York City, Hector Diaz, says.

According to the FDA, salmon that smells fishy or sour has gone rancid and is no longer safe to eat. Both whole fish and fillets follow this reasoning.

4. The Texture Should Be Firm

7 Secrets And Tips To Picking the Best Salmon
Person slicing fresh salmon with dill and lemon

Mushy salmon is a massive no-no, according to every chef we spoke with.

When it comes to fresh salmon, always look for firmness, advises Chef George Jewell, executive chef at Clutch Restaurant in Atlanta. Try to avoid salmon that is mushy because that is a telltale sign that it isn’t fresh.

The salmon should have strong skin that is also moist and slippery.

A finger runs along the belly of a fish should feel wet if it has been dressed, according to Diaz, which means the intestines have been removed and the tail, fins, head, and scales have all been removed.

5. Get Fresh Salmon In Season

The ideal time to purchase salmon is during prime season and locally.

It’s preferable to purchase wild salmon while it’s in season, which is typically from May to September, according to Jewell. “Naturally, you can purchase wild salmon at other seasons; however, if you do so at this time, attempt to obtain frozen wild salmon. This is because frozen food is typically sent immediately after being frozen, which allows it to maintain flavor and retain [the greatest] nutrients.”

Even though technology like flash-freezing helps salmon retain its freshness and flavor, White advises choosing local salmon to ensure that you are getting the best possible fish.

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6. Avoid Freezer-Burned Salmon

Frozen Salmon

If you choose frozen salmon, the packaging may occasionally cover up any fishy flaws. If the package is transparent, look out for freezer burn and ice crystals.

“This indicates that the fish is either of lower quality or was refrozen after being thawed out. You should refrain from doing those two things, “declares Jewell.

7. The Eyes Should Be Glossy And The Fins Intact

Raw Salmon

If you choose the entire fish, check to see if the eyes are clear rather than shiny. Glossed-over eyes, in Diaz’s opinion, are a telltale indicator that the fish has been left out a bit too long.

Diaz also advises checking the fins on your entire fish, since they should be undamaged and unbroken.

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Some FAQs

How To Tell If Salmon Is Good?

Salmon flesh should pop up when you press it with a finger, much like your own body does. Salmon is okay to eat if you press your fingers into it and it immediately jumps back up. Otherwise, the entire fish should be discarded if the flesh continues to be sunken and dimpled.

Does Freezing Salmon Ruin It?

For around two to three months after freezing, raw salmon will retain its optimum quality. Although it can be frozen for up to six months, after three months its quality begins to deteriorate. Rinse, dry, and wrap raw salmon in an airtight container before freezing.

What Is This White Stuff On My Salmon?

Albumin is the term for the white substance on fish. While salmon is heated, whether it be in the oven, on the stove, or on the grill, albumin, a protein that is present in the fish in liquid form when it is fresh, coagulates and turns semi-solid.

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