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12 Drinks Bartenders Dislike Making

Let’s know the ’12 Drinks Bartenders Dislike Making’ Being a bartender is a challenging job that requires juggling creating flawlessly mixed and stirred (or shaken) cocktails with maintaining the correct atmosphere with a thirsty clientele.

However, the majority of bartenders are pleased to create a cocktail that will please their customers, but there are some beverages that are simply challenging to make (especially in a hurry) or painfully monotonous.

fancy cocktail

 When ordering cocktails, keep the person behind the counter in mind and put your order appropriately. A sports bar that is jam-packed with people might not be the best setting for a muddled mojito.

In light of this, we conducted interviews with bartenders around the US to find out which drinks they detest creating the most, and you’ll be surprised at some of your favorites!

12 Drinks Bartenders Dislike Making:

1. Bloody Mary

12 Drinks Bartenders Dislike Making

This brunch staple is essentially a salad in a glass, complete with all the chaos you’d anticipate. Especially after 5 o’clock, a Bloody Mary is “my least favorite,” claims Laura Thompson.

Prohibition Pig’s bar manager in Vermont. “They are also a mess, and you have to clean the shaker again and dig out a bunch of garnishes you put away hours ago. When you are busy, it just clogs the pipes, you know?”

2. Pina Colada

12 Drinks Bartenders Dislike Making
Glass of pina coladas

According to Michelin-starred chef Joe Isidori, the chef and proprietor of Arthur & Son’s Restaurant in NYC, save the frozen beverages for a vacation destination where they are already blended and ready to drink.

He notes that “bartenders detest making pina coladas.” “Too sappy and frequently saved for visitors. God forbid you wanted one blended and frozen. I hope they don’t fling it your way!” He adds, “I love pina coladas though!”

3. Mojito

12 Drinks Bartenders Dislike Making

While we enjoy this refreshing beverage, which is similar to a Bloody, Jackson Strayer-Benton, beverage director for Hen of the Wood, Doc Ponds, and Prohibition Pig in Vermont, adds that it is messy to make. “This is a mess! You may easily make the mojito at home with fresh mint from your garden or a nearby market.

When you go to your favorite pub or restaurant and order a cocktail from their expertly created menu, make it for your friends and family but leave the mint at home.”

4. Ramos Gin Fizz

Ramos Gin Fizz

When we chatted with bartenders, this drink frequently came up. It’s obviously a time-consuming option while being delicious.

The proprietor of Spencer & Lynn Wine and Spirit Merchants in Connecticut, David Mensch, responds to the query by recalling an old foe. “Although the Ramos Gin Fizz is a well-known and delectable cocktail, seeing it on a ticket is a nightmare. Simply said, time is the reason this cocktail is the torment of every busy bartender’s existence. There is no multitasking during the preparation of this cocktail, which can easily take 10 to 15 minutes to complete correctly. About 8 minutes of dry shaking are included in this. There is no time for that. Period.”

Try a sour instead, advises Alex Barbatsis of Chicago’s The Whistler. “I would suggest a whiskey sour or pisco sour if you’re looking for something full-bodied and fluffy. Both recipes include egg white, which not only gives the food a creamy texture but also a rich flavor.

As we have stated, this one really irks bartenders! According to Josue Castillo, beverage director at Boston’s Next Door and Pazza on Porter, the drink requires around five minutes to prepare and must be poured into a special glass. The Ramos Gin Fizz requires a dry shake, followed by an ice-cube shake that must continue for however long it takes the ice to get diluted.

You must wait for the drink to settle after you pour it into the glass so that it won’t foam up further when you add the soda water and require even more time to settle.

5. Dirty Vodka Martini

12 Drinks Bartenders Dislike Making
12 Drinks Bartenders Dislike Making

John Ware, a mixologist, and director of spirits at Forsythia in New York City, tells us that he is eager for the era of dirty vodka to come to an end “I’ve been mixing drinks for a while, and my palate has had to adapt to many new tastes, but I’ve never found any iteration of this drink to be particularly enjoyable. It’s fundamentally imbalanced, and the vodka and brine frequently bring out the worst in one another. I’ll make them with happy faces, but I like cocktails that I can wholeheartedly support. Never will it be the DVM.”

6. Tequila Sunrise

According to Timo Torner, the creator of The Cocktail Society, this drink is challenging since it’s challenging to achieve the ideal flavor balance. He clarifies, “Making it really, really delicious using the normal recipe is practically hard. Serving a drink whose quality I am not at all confident in is always a challenge.”

7. Whiskey Sour

whiskey sour cocktails in glass with cherry lemon garnish

Anything that requires separating egg whites doesn’t seem to be your friendly bartender’s favorite.

Making whiskey sours can be difficult when the bar is busy because it takes time to dry shake the drink and separate the egg whites, according to Pape Konte, bar manager at The Standard in New York City’s East Village. However, the tastes are definitely worth it.

8. Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini

Carolina Gonzalez, Chicago’s WoodWind’s beverage manager/mixologist, does not particularly enjoy sweet beverages. “There aren’t many cocktails that I enjoy making as a beverage director.

I would have to choose the chocolate martini if I had to pick just one, though. I don’t like cooking for my guests because of the high sugar content. An excessively sweetened palate, in my opinion, prevents a person from appreciating or enjoying another cocktail after a chocolate martini.

Second, the chocolate swirl that guests appreciate in a classic chocolate martini is a pain to clean off the glass. Despite the fact that I dislike making it, I always make sure to give it my own unique spin if asked.”

9. Espresso and Coffee Drinks

Coffee cocktail

For our espresso martinis, they’re coming! The creator of Scratch Market’s recipes, Dee Broughton, has some strong feelings about caffeinated beverages.

“Over the course of my more than ten years as a bartender, I served a lot of beverages that made my eyes water. My least preferred request, upon reflection, was anything involving coffee, “They informed us. “I’ve worked at numerous bars and restaurants, and not one of them had a coffee bar. To stop what I was doing, leave the bar, and go make a cup of coffee for one drink was such a hassle! And let’s not even talk about the espresso cocktails.”

10. White Russian

Chocolate Martini

A bartender’s favorite beverage isn’t The Dude’s favorite. “I like drinking White Russians, but I’m not a huge lover of creating them. Any form of cream can be tricky to work with because it tends to coat things very well. That feature is sometimes convenient and other times inconvenient “explains Ben Potts, a partner in Unfiltered Hospitality and a Miami resident who also owns The Slyvester and Beaker and Gray.

11. Fancy Drinks at a Dive Bar

12 Drinks Bartenders Dislike Making

It should go without saying, but ordering a French 75 or a Lemondrop in a corner tavern with a large Budweiser sign is inappropriate. On a Reddit discussion about drinks they detest making, a bartender shared, “I work in a dive bar, and when a customer walks in and orders a classy martini, it drives me crazy.

We are definitely not that kind of place. I only have a single cosmo glass (not even a martini glass), and I’ll probably have to wash it because it’s dusty before I try to assemble whatever you requested with the few components I have on hand, knowing full well that you won’t be pleased with the results.”

12. Guinness Ordered Last

12 Drinks Bartenders Dislike Making

According to a bartender who answered a question on Quora, if you’re intending to drink this beer with a group and it requires a leisurely pour, order it first. “When ordered last, Guinness. Please order it first because it takes a long time to settle.”

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