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Drew Malino Girlfriend: Is He In A Relationship With Anyone? Info On His Age, Height And Net Worth Explored

Let’s find out “Drew Malino Girlfriend: Is He In A Relationship With Anyone?” American YouTuber Drew Malino, who is located in New York and makes gaming and vlog videos, is most known for his Chatroulette Music Time series.

He signed up for YouTube on May 25, 2009, and in January 2014, he posted his debut video. He is listed among this generation’s most well-known YouTubers.


Drew Malino Girlfriend: Is He In A Relationship With Anyone



Does Drew Malino Have A Girlfriend?

Drew Malino, an American YouTuber, is in a relationship with his girlfriend.

The YouTuber hasn’t revealed his lover’s name, though. Under the moniker @lyssthepriss, she had an Instagram account, but it has since been deleted.

She was born on June 22, although her precise birth year hasn’t been mentioned anywhere, according to Drew’s Instagram post. He has suggested making her his wife on several occasions in posts on his Instagram, where she may be seen on those images.

Although it doesn’t appear that they are married, the couple has been dating for a number of years. His girlfriend’s personal life is frequently questioned by his followers. He has never disclosed any private or sensitive information about his partner, though.

In one of his tweets, he requested that people follow his girlfriend’s Instagram account at fashifeen. More than 256k people follow the page, and his girlfriend is frequently spotted.

Regarding her occupation, early years, and family members, there is no information. Drew is attempting to keep her out of the spotlight and away from his sizable following. He makes an effort to be a straightforward partner by keeping his fiancée out of his YouTube endeavors.

Regarding beauty, Drew’s girlfriend is a beautiful woman. Her precise birth year is unknown, but based on online photos, she appears to be in her early 20s. Since she and Drew have been dating for a long time, she must support his work.

How Old Is Drew Malino, Age?

The precise date of birth of Drew Malino is known. His age is therefore a mystery.

His internet pictures, however, indicate that he is in his late 20s. He is a youthful, endearing man whose videos and substance have enchanted his followers.

Drew hasn’t said much about his family, despite the fact that his sister Bethany has appeared in some of his videos. He is friends with Will Irish as well. The name of Drew’s best friend is Paul. Paul is the owner of the PaulDavisGriffin YouTube channel. He frequently appears in Drew’s recordings made on Chatroulette.

His Twitter handle indicates that he currently lives in Los Angeles, California. A Twitter user since July 2009. He is similarly quite active on Instagram. His Instagram account has 579 posts and more than 20.7k subscribers. On his Instagram account, he makes postings about his everyday activities and job.


Drew Malino’s Height – How Tall Is He?

It appears that Drew Malino is about 6 feet tall. His precise height hasn’t been made public anywhere, though.

He has a charming personality and attractive face and body. One of the things that make his fans adore him is his height. His tall stature is in line with his slim physique.

It is acceptable to claim that one’s height also has a significant impact on their success. Drew’s accomplishments serve as an illustration of how height contributes to character development.

How Much Does Drew Malino’s Worth In 2022?

Drew Mallino, an American YouTuber, is worth $1.5 million.

He acquired his riches by working as a YouTuber. His main source of revenue comes from his 389k-subscribed YouTube channel.

In January 2014, Drew debuted his very first video, titled “Bathroom Safety Tips.” His many parodies include the Nyan Cat parody, the Harry Potter spoofs, the Shark Week spoof, and the Old Spice commercial parodies (also known as Nerd Spice). His channel expanded in 2010.

Drew declared in a video that he would stop using YouTube in 2015 and start using his new channel, DrewTube. He has started making movies in addition to his quick humorous sketches, as evidenced by his most recent video, “Talk to Strangers,” which illustrates a potential risk linked with using the video chat website Omegle.

Wasopalo! I’m Drew Malino is only one of the numerous sayings, songs, and videos that have come to be associated with Drew. He says it at the beginning of each of his videos. He also created the dance known as “Classy Monkey Time.”

Drew is also capable of performing a variety of cartoon impressions of well-known characters, such as Elmo, Shaggy and Scooby, and Eric Cartman.

Drew is well-known as Chat Drewlette in his movies where he makes advantage of the online chat platform Chatroulette. He has taken part in the Chatroulette Fun, Chatroulette Music Time, and most recently the Chatroulette Movie Time.

In addition, Drew answers questions from fans in a series called Q&A&Drew. The fifth episode of “Drew Malino is insane,” a YouTube series he had when he was younger, has been discovered and reuploaded by the user “woahitschristian.” After that, the show was cancelled for an unspecified cause.

Fans urge him to resume making Chatroulette videos after he stopped doing them for undisclosed reasons. Several comments on Reddit indicate that his supporters want him to bring the channel back. However, the channel was shut off for unspecified reasons.

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