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Bret Contreras Glute Guy Wife – Is He Married? Insight On Family & Net Worth

Let’s find out “Bret Contreras Glute Guy Wife – Is He Married?” Most people are familiar with Bret Contreras’ glute-training techniques.

He has made a name for himself as the foremost authority in gluteal muscle development, strength training, and program design in the globe.


Bret Contreras Glute Guy Wife - Is He Married?


He has worked with customers from all over the world, ranging from sedentary people to figure competitions and elite athletes, throughout his more than twenty years of personal training.

He has authored more than 500 articles and blog entries on various subjects related to strength and conditioning.


Bret Contreras Glute Guy Wife – Is He Married?

The Glute Guy, as Bret Contreras, is currently single and unmarried.

Despite the fact that we can see several of the girls’ Instagram posts, none of them are romantically associated with him. Most of them are his clientele, and they are focusing on their glute.

His current goal is to advance in his fitness training profession. And during the past 12 months, he has significantly improved.

We can see the results of his exercises when he shares images of his clients’ before and after.

At the WBFF competition, Laurita and Alyssa Bonizio, two of his clientele, both took home the first prize in their respective bikini short and tall categories.

Contreras was also a candidate for WBFF entertainment’s Coach of the Year and Team of the Year awards.

He holds a master’s degree from Arizona State University and a doctorate in sports science from AUT University. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with Distinction from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

In a similar vein, he has written numerous books and articles on training and exercises. He is the co-author of Strong Curves and the author of Glute Lab and Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy.

Bret Contreras Supportive Family

Bret Contreras traveled to New Zealand to get a Ph.D. in biomechanics at one of the best universities for movement research. He is originally from Scottsdale, Australia.

He packed all his possessions and relocated to New Zealand despite having the best family and friends because he believed it would be beneficial for his profession.

Although he doesn’t often talk about his parents in public, he has highlighted his Miss Bikini International niece Gabrielle Contreras.

She was named WBFF Miss Diva Bikini International on June 4, 2022. She has the handle @gabvenchyy on Instagram, where you can follow her.

She is a seasoned assistant with a successful track record in the fitness, wellness, and health sectors.

She is also proficient in Microsoft Word, public speaking, graphic design, and people management.

Gabrielle has a degree in Digital Culture with a focus on animation, interactive technology, video graphics, and special effects from Arizona State University.

She currently serves as the CEO of the online fitness center Summa Vi. She thinks she can improve her clients’ lives by including diet and nutrition into their regular exercise.

If you want only training or only dietician services, you can subscribe to one of the several packages offered there for $100 and $75, respectively.

Net Worth Of ‘The Glute Guy’ – How Rich Is Bret Contreras?

Millions of money are made by Bret Contreras from his training facility, books, and goods.

Although the personal trainer’s actual net worth is still being investigated, it is estimated to be in excess of $5 million.

The training facility, Booty by Bret, Merch, BC Strength, and Stronglifting were all founded by him. He is widely regarded as the foremost expert on glute exercise in the world.

His videos mostly focus on boosting glute growth and strength. The majority of sports science topics and certain biomechanics of strength training are also included.

His three publications, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy, Strong Curves, and Glute Lab, collectively make up his character as a personal trainer who works with the Glute Squad and an author.

In addition, he has spoken at more than 70 conferences and published research in more than 50 publications, earning him recognition on a global scale.

Inventing the barbell hip thrust in 2006, Contreras has devoted the following 15 years of his life to spreading the word about it and all of its variations.


Bret Contreras’ Source Of Income

All levels of fitness, from novices to bikini competitions and powerlifters, are catered to by the online strength and training program for ladies known as Booty By Bret.

Bret developed the barbell hip thrust in addition to a thorough glute-training program. Along with the Hip Thruster, a multipurpose piece of exercise equipment used to do the hip thrust, it is the most efficient approach to build glute strength and growth.

By logging in to their website here, you can join their membership. You can use the program for $29.95 a month, which includes up to 5 workouts a week, an extensive exercise library, and a support network.

Through Bret, an online tailored training that costs $119 per month, he provides personalized instruction.

The equipment offered by Contreras’ online store, BC Strength, was developed as a result of the Glute Lab training facility in San Diego’s unrelenting quest of excellence.

The glut loop, thruster bench, hip thruster, T-Bell, resistance band, thruster plates, sponge, and many other items are just a few of their goods.

The equipment is available for anything between £10 and £399.

Books: He has written three books to date, including Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy, Strong Curves, and Glute Lab. He holds a Ph.D. in Sports Science.

If you want to purchase them all, you can do so on Amazon for prices of $16.90, $9.99, and $32.49, respectively. One of his ebooks, Grow Your Glutes Without Growing Your Legs:12-Week Program, is also offered online for $29.

Youtube: Contreras also has 387 subscribers on his channel there, where he publishes videos on strengthening and maximizing the glutes.

He also has 1.2 million Instagram followers. The majority of his blogs discuss the effectiveness of his routines, while others discuss how they function and debunk myths about bodybuilding.

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