Vicky Phelan Kids And Husband

Vicky Phelan Kids And Husband

Let’s know ‘Vicky Phelan Kids And Husband’ Vicky Phelan passed away on Monday morning at Milford Hospice in County Limerick, surrounded by her family, as reported in the press. Vicky Phelan passed away from cancer.

She was a well-known supporter of women’s health. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014 and openly discussed her ordeal while undergoing tests.

Additionally, she had a law degree from her native Ireland and worked as a lawyer professionally. People became aware of her when she was given a cancer diagnosis even though she hasn’t disclosed much about her life.

Vicky Phelan Kids And Husband

She underwent various treatments after learning she had cancer and managed to live for almost seven years.

Vicky Phelan Kids And Husband

Vicky Phelan and her ex-husband Jim had two children together; they divorced in 2017 but remained together to raise their kids.

Additionally, she had cancer at the time of their divorce, so Jim supported her throughout the process and was there for her when she passed away.

The couple has two kids: son Darragh, who is currently 10 years old, and daughter Amelia, who is 16 years old. They haven’t disclosed many details about their kids in the open.

Vicky Phelan Kids And Husband
Vicky Phelan with her kids and husband Jim. (Image Source:

But when she needed them, her kids were there for her. When Phelan learned she had cancer, she said she didn’t want to pass away in front of her kids.

Her children, who were old enough to comprehend the situation when she was diagnosed with cancer, supported her throughout every stage of her life.

In order to avoid her children seeing her buried beside them, she also said that she preferred a private funeral.

When she was going through a tough period, Phelan was close to her kids; she spent as much time with them as she could and discussed everything.


Family Detail of Vicky Phelan

Vicky Phelan was born to Jhon and Gaby Phelan, and she enjoyed spending time with them.

When she moved out with her family, though, they were not very close. When she later learned she had cancer, she penned a letter to her father, John.

She then grew close to her mother and father. She was the youngest of the five children Jhon and Gaby had together.

Her brothers and her were close, and they were all by her side when she passed away this morning.

Vicky Phelan Kids And Husband
Vicky Phelan with her parents and kids. (Image Source: Breaking News)

Every circumstance in life requires family; things go smoothly when there is family. When she needed them the most, she was content to be with her family and near to them.

Her parents were very proud of her and always helped her along the way in life. They also got along well with their grandchildren and helped her take care of them for the most part.

Her parents find it difficult to accept her departure, and many of them have expressed their condolences to her family, kids, and friends.


Vicky Phelan’s Net Worth At Death

Phelan is renowned for beating cancer, and although she worked as a lawyer, little is known about her wealth.

Her estimated net worth at death was between $1 million and $2 million; she was well-off at the age of 48.

Even if the lawyer in Ireland earns a respectable €79148 per year, she may also have income from her business and investments. Therefore, the precise sum is now impractical.

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