Typhaine Degois Wikipedia: Who Is She? Youngest Member of France’s Parliament


Youngest Member of France’s Parliament – French politician Typhaine Degois sits in the National Assembly as the representative for the Savoie department’s first constituency.

Degois is a member of La République En Marche and is the youngest member of the parliament (LREM).


Youngest Member of France’s Parliament


She officially announced her withdrawal from the presidential majority on May 18 in a statement. She said she wouldn’t run for reelection in June, according to Diego.

As a result, she has decided not to continue supporting Emmanuel Macron in the presidential race.

On the other hand, the sources claim that she endorsed Marine Le Pen without giving her her sponsorship.

She stated that Ms. Degois believes that Parliament is now turning into a registration chamber while announcing she won’t run again.

She also said that in order to pass the bill, she felt that she had to face the forces of inertia.

Youngest Member Of France’s Parliament: Typhaine Degois

In the National Assembly, Typhaine Degois represents Savoie’s first electoral district. At the age of 24, when she began her career, she was the youngest parliamentarian.

She is also the second-youngest person overall, behind National Front member Ludovic Pajot.

Degois has grown more and more critical of the La République En Marche faction in the National Assembly over time.

She is now a member of the parliament’s Committee on Economic Affairs and Committee on European Affairs.

Along with Monaco, she is a part of the French parliamentary friendship groupings.

She joined Young People with Macron in 2015. Typhaine enjoys learning about the laws governing entrepreneurship as a law student.

Just one day after Mouvement en Marche was founded, she signed up as one of the first users a year later.

She also observed fascinating discussions and practiced consensus during her period.

Typhaine Degois Age – How Old Is She?

Typhaine Degois, who was born on January 6, 1993, will be 29 years old in 2022. She spent some of her formative years in her native Northern France.

When she was later 7 years old, her family relocated to Savoie. Diego graduated from Pantheon-Assas University with a master’s degree in international business law.

Despite the fact that her parents were not politically active, she stated that she became interested in politics at a young age.

Diego also claimed that they never talked about politics at home.

She has spent several weeks working on the ground in Croatia as a departmental representative for the Brigitte Bardot Foundation to help rescue bears.

It was a component of a global volunteerism initiative.

Net Worth Of Typhaine Degois

Typhaine Degois, a politician in France, is thought to have a net worth of $1 to $5 million.

According to sources, France’s elected officials are paid an estimated salary of between €1,524 and €2,661 each month.

Diego joined La République En Marche in 2016 and has since continued to be a productive member of the organization. Just one day after they discovered it, she joined the group.

She then won a legislative election in 2017 and received 50.76% of the vote in Savoie’s first constituency.

Dominique Dord, a Republican who had held the seat for the previous 20 years, lost to her by a razor-thin margin.

Prior to that, from 2013 to 2014, she was active with the Union of Democrats and Independents.

More specifically, Degois voted for France’s ratification of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the European Union and Canada in 2019.

Some FAQs

Every family in the first district of Savoie has received a copy of a letter to the citizens that Typhanie Degois issued after taking office.

the outcomes of the National Assembly’s parliamentary proceedings.

The message to the citizens of 2022 also contains the territory. The work has always been done in cooperation with the people who populate our land in order to better reflect their interests.

Additionally, as the social, environmental, and economic actors. She must continuously be in the public view since she is a public person, which intrigues people.

The most frequent queries concerning Typhanie, the youngest lawmaker, are listed here.


Is Typhtanie Degois on Twitter?

  • Typhanie Degois is active on Twitter under the same username.

Where is Typhanie Degois as of 2022?

  • As of 2022, May Typhanie Degois stated that she wouldn’t be standing for the election.

How can you contact Typhanie Degois?

  • Typhanie Degois is active on Linked In and Twitter, which she uses to contact people.

Where are Typhanie Degois’s parents?

  • Typhanie Degois’s parents, who don’t have any connection with politics, have always stayed away from the limelight.
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