Who Was Leroy Firestone ‘The Garbage Man’ Who Died In An Accident – Wife and Children Revealed


Who Was Leroy Firestone ‘The Garbage Man’ Who Died In An Accident – The garbage man, Leroy Firestone, is frequently featured in news item headlines. On Tuesday, a guy lost his life in a workplace accident.

Leroy, 58, was the one who fell victim to an industrial disaster on Tuesday. He was at Waste Pro on 15th Street East when the incident happened, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, working on a garbage truck’s hydraulics.

Who Was Leroy Firestone 'The Garbage Man' Who Died In An Accident - Wife and Children Revealed

Firestone, also known as 96k-Rock, was a former radio host from Southwest Florida who appeared on the Stan & Haney morning show from 2003 to 2008.


Who Was Leroy Firestone ‘The Garbage Man’ Who Died In An Accident?

Leroy Firestone was a garbage man who died in a freak accident in an industrial industry.

According to FOX 4, Between 2003 and 2008, Leroy was well-known to 96k-Rock listeners as Leroy Van Zant on the Stan & Haney morning show. After the morning broadcast, he concentrated on a Bradenton-area art gallery.



Additionally, Firestone works at a Waste Pro location in Sarasota/Bradenton. Throughout the repair, a communication breakdown between Firestone and another employee reportedly occurred, according to the initial report.

Leroy lost his life in an incident. At this time, all news articles have mentioned his death. The locals are interested in his background and line of work.

According to MCSO, the incident happened at the company’s 7921 15th St. site in Sarasota at 5:30 p.m. When EMS workers got on the scene, they pronounced him dead.


Leroy Firestone What Happened To Him?

After an incident at work in Bradenton, Manatee County, Leroy Firestone passed away. on Tuesday night, a 58-year-old Firestone was killed when he was involved in an accident at WastePro. Leroy Firestone, a worker with Waste Pro, is accused by investigators of maintaining a garbage truck’s hydraulics while he was atop a ladder. During this process, the truck’s side hydraulic door/blade was activated, pushing the victim’s head into its path of shutting.

The victim suffered a head injury and passed away instantly. According to the report of the investigation, the incident was an unintentional death.

A photo of Leroy Firestone's accident
A photo of Leroy Firestone’s accident ( Source: Mysuncoast )


To determine whether the accident was premeditated or not, the investigation team is looking for additional evidence. Detectives reportedly spoke with unhappy coworkers but didn’t uncover anything unusual about the incident.

The occurrence currently only results in unintentional death. The investigation team is still looking for fresh proof.

While questioning Firestone’s coworkers, authorities reportedly found nothing unusual about the incident. During the repair, they discovered that the victim and the other employee had been ineffectively communicating.


Who Is Leroy Firestone’s Wife?- Kids & Family

Leroy Firestone lived happily with his wife and kids in a small family. His wife, Anne Whittemore, is experiencing severe grief as a result of learning about Firestone’s passing. The garbage man and his wife reportedly met at the 96kRocks radio station, according to First Coast News.

His 96k-Rock radio broadcasts for many years brought him much joy to his family and friends. The waste collection service felt bad about the unforeseen situation, just like his family did.

Sadly, the media has not yet verified the incident’s specific details. Similar to that, nothing further is known about his wife, kids, or family.

They prayed for his family members’ safety. The waste team believes that health and safety should be more of a requirement for their Waster Pros. They expressed their concern for their staff members and families in a statement, saying that they were thinking of them during this trying time.

They appreciate the prompt response of first responders and the emergency services. Additionally, they will continue collaborating with regional law enforcement on this ongoing inquiry. The occurrence, according to one of his coworkers, was unexpected.

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