Lana Faith Johnson Arrest And Theft Charges: Is She Arrested And What Did She Do When Charged With Theft?

Lana Faith Johnson Arrest And Theft Charges

Let’s know about ‘Lana Faith Johnson Arrest And Theft Charges’ Johnson, Lana Faith Many news websites use the headline “arrested.” The rumors that are circulating and their veracity will be examined in further detail in this piece.

Suppose a concerned fan searches for “Lana Faith Johnson Arrested” online. In that case, this article will investigate every lead that can be found regarding the publicist’s life and the event that implicated her.
Lana Faith Johnson Arrest And Theft Charges

In light of the controversy and interest generated by the legal actions, Victor Consunji had taken against Maggie Wilson and their outbursts on social media, an equally fascinating incident had just transpired. Consunji’s trusty team member Lana Faith Johnson was the subject of a recent Police probe.

Johnson oversaw the PR and marketing initiatives for Consunji for several years. Because of their close working relationship, she has access to both Consunji’s personal and professional lives.

Johnson would have been familiar with Company operations and cherished clients since he was around during both the best and worst times of Consunji’s marriage to Maggie Wilson.


Lana Faith Johnson Arrest And Theft Charges: Is She Arrested?

Many news websites utilize the headline “Lana Faith Johnson Arrested” for their articles. An in-depth analysis of the circulating rumors’ veracity will be done in this article.

Consider a situation when a worried fan looks up “Lana Faith Johnson Arrested” online. In such a scenario, this article will look into every possible lead surrounding the life of the publicist and the incident that implicated her.

But when Johnson betrayed Consunji, their trust was destroyed. According to reports, Johnson was accused of “theft” or “stealing” from the company.

Lana Faith Johnson Arrest And Theft Charges
Lana is accused of Theft And Stealing Charges. (Source: Instagram)

When the abnormalities were discovered, the authorities took action and turned Johnson over to the legal system. The details of Johnson’s scheme against her supervisor and the company that trusted her are still a secret.

But a source claims that there are numerous occurrences, not just one or two.

Johnson not only misled her former supervisor but also the clients who relied on her to handle their business dealings with the company.

In the interim, Wilson published something that appeared to be referring to the circumstance. Wilson appeared to be discussing how a “you” trusted “her” more than “her” without mentioning any specific individuals.

Wilson stressed in his conclusion that he disregarded her advice despite it. The facts ultimately came to light, confirming the accuracy of her intuition.

What Did Lana Faith Johnson Do?

A Babbler claims that the entrapment operation that resulted in Lana Faith Operana Johnson’s arrest on November 11 was carried out by PLT Wilfredo Tanquerido Jr. and PCOL Robert R. Baesa of the Taguig City Police and the marketing and public relations director at Victor Consunji Development Corp.

The 38-year-old was detained with P82,500 in entrapment money after giving the complainant, Bernabe Mendoza, a “falsified receipt” for the payment made by the construction company.

Lana Faith Johnson Arrest And Theft Charges
Lana Faith Johnson is one of the highest-earning professionals in her field. (Source: Instagram)

The revelation gained rapid notoriety as soon as it was made public because it was a big betrayal. As Lana betrayed the confidence of those who had put their faith in her, people started criticizing her for what she had done.

An article about Johnson’s “evening skincare ritual” and her store PR Johnson & Associates was published in Tatler Philippines in February.

In an interview with the Manila Bulletin Lifestyle section two months ago, Johnson said: “You can make a difference in any business you are in when you have the necessary intentions, discipline, and support.”

According to a People Asia interview from 2019, Johnson is one of the country’s most sought-after publicists. She has worked with some of the most well-known individuals and organizations there. Including VConsunji Inc., Bobbi Brown, AirAsia BIG, Steph Zubiri-Crespi, and Denise Laurel, to mention a few.

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