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Jamie Laing’s Partner: Meet Wife, Parents And Siblings

  • Jamie Laing’s Partner and wife is Sophie Habboo, a fellow cast member. 
  • Jamie Laing is a multifaceted personality known for his reality TV stardom, entrepreneurial ventures, philanthropic efforts, and social media influence.
  • His journey from “Made in Chelsea” to a successful businessman and philanthropist highlights the importance of hard work, determination, and seizing opportunities.
  • Jamie’s positive outlook on life, combined with his zest for life and charitable endeavors, makes him a role model for many.

Jamie Laing is a successful and well-known television personality, presenter, actor and investor. He was born on November 3, 1988, in Oxford, England. Laing’s journey into the public eye began with his appearance on the E4 reality show “Made in Chelsea” in 2011, where he joined the show in the second series. This show catapulted him into the limelight, showcasing his personality and lifestyle to a wide audience. His time on the show not only established him as a recognizable face in the UK but also provided him with a platform to explore various aspects of his life, including his entrepreneurial endeavors.

One of his notable entrepreneurial ventures is Candy Kittens, a confectionery company he launched in 2012. Specializing in vegan and vegetarian sweets, Candy Kittens reflects Laing’s interest in healthy living and sustainable products. This venture is indicative of his entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to combine his personal interests with business opportunities.

Jamie Laing Partner And Wife

Jamie Laing is married to Sophie Habboo, a fellow cast member from the E4 reality show “Made in Chelsea.” Their relationship journey is marked by significant milestones and public acknowledgments of their commitment to each other.

Jamie Laing's Partner: Meet Wife, Parents And Siblings
Jamie Laing and partner pictured

The couple met on the set of “Made in Chelsea” and their relationship evolved from being best friends to becoming engaged and eventually married. Their engagement was announced on Instagram, with Jamie expressing his joy and commitment to spending the rest of his life with Sophie. The couple’s journey to marriage was not without its challenges, including a period of no contact and infidelity on Jamie’s part, which Sophie forgave after he committed to working on his behavior. Despite these hurdles, they managed to rekindle their relationship and move in together during the pandemic summer of 2020.

Their wedding ceremony took place in an intimate setting at Chelsea Town Hall in South West London, followed by a friend and family dinner. They later celebrated their marriage in Seville, Spain. Sophie Habboo, described as a fashion designer, was noted for her chic style and empathetic nature, which Jamie praised as key qualities in their relationship. The couple also hosts the “NearlyWeds” podcast, where they discuss their journey to marriage, planning, and the challenges they face.

Jamie Laing has been open about his relationship with Sophie Habboo, acknowledging the ups and downs they’ve experienced. He has shared candidly about their sexual relationship, admitting to being average in the bedroom and joking about becoming lazy as they’ve settled into marriage. Despite these candid moments, Laing emphasizes the importance of understanding and resolving conflicts in their relationship, highlighting the value of communication and empathy.

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Jamie Laing Parents And Siblings: Meet His Family 

Jamie Laing has a strong family background and was raised by his parents Nicholas Laing (father) and Penny Baines (mother) in a plush four-bedroom apartment on London’s exclusive King’s Road. He is the great-great-grandson of Sir Alexander Grant, who invented the digestive biscuit in 1892. Jamie has two siblings, a brother named Alexander Laing and a sister named Emily Laing, who is a singer and actor. 

jamie laing mum

Jamie’s parents have been married for over three decades. Jamie has denied being an heir to the McVitie’s £485million fortune, stating that he is not heir to anything and has not seen any money from the sale of his family’s business. 

Career Insight

Aside from his his reality television fame, Laing has appered in television shows and films.He played a fashion show attendee in “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” in 2016 and a doctor in a 2017 episode of the Channel 4 soap opera “Hollyoaks.” These roles showcase his versatility as an actor and his ability to transition between different types of media.

Jamie Laing Partner

Laing’s career has also seen him participate in various television and radio shows, including “Celebrity Hunted,” “The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off,” and “Strictly Come Dancing.” His appearances on “Strictly Come Dancing” are particularly noteworthy, as he became the only person to appear on two different series of the show. His participation in these shows further solidifies his status as a well-rounded television personality.

In addition to his television and entrepreneurial pursuits, Laing has also hosted podcasts, including “Private Parts” with his friend Francis Boulle and “6 Degrees from Jamie and Spencer” with Spencer Matthews on BBC Sounds. These podcasts allow him to share his insights and experiences with a broader audience, showcasing his ability to connect with people through different mediums. Can be found in social media, here’s his Instagram handle @jamielaing.

Jamie Laing’s Networth

Jamie Laing’s net worth is estimated to be around £7.5 million. This impressive figure is significantly higher than the average net worth of reality TV stars and reflects his success in various ventures beyond his fame from “Made in Chelsea.” Laing’s wealth is attributed to several key factors:

Jamie Laing's Partner: Meet Wife, Parents And Siblings

  • Candy Kittens: His confectionery company, Candy Kittens, which specializes in vegan and vegetarian sweets, is a major contributor to his net worth. Launched in 2012, the company has gained popularity and is stocked in most stores around the country.
  • Endorsement Deals and TV Shows: Laing has secured various endorsement deals and has appeared in numerous television shows, including “Made in Chelsea,” “Strictly Come Dancing,” “Celebrity Hunted,” and “The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off.” These appearances and endorsements have provided him with additional income.
  • Podcasts: Hosting podcasts such as “Private Parts” with Francis Boulle, “6 Degrees from Jamie and Spencer,” and “NearlyWeds” with his wife Sophie Habboo, has also contributed to his earnings. These podcasts allow him to share his insights and experiences with a broader audience.


Q1: Does the Laing family still own McVitie’s?
The Laing family no longer owns McVitie’s. It was gathered Jamie share in McVitie’s was sold in the mid-90s, and he has not seen any money from the sale.

Q2: How much is Jamie Laing’s family worth?
A: The Laing family fortune is estimated to be around £485 million

Q3: What Does Jamie Laing’s brother do
Alexander Laing, Jamie Laing’s brother, is not widely known for his public activities or professional endeavors. His activities are not made public 

Q4: What is Jamie Laings family famous for?
Jamie Laing’s family is famous for their connection to McVitie’s, a well-known biscuit company. Jamie’s great-great-grandfather, Sir Alexander Grant, invented the digestive biscuit in 1892.

Q: Who is the heir to Mcvities?
Jamie Laing is not the heir to the McVitie’s fortune. The McVitie’s company underwent a private equity takeover in 2000, which resulted in the inheritance being shared among numerous family members, including Jamie’s father, Nicholas Laing, who is said to have sold his share in McVitie’s in the mid-90s. This indicates that the inheritance and any financial benefits from the McVitie’s empire are not solely tied to Jamie or his immediate family.

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