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This Is Big Sonia- Is She Still Alive? Meet Her And See What Happened To Her


This Is Big Sonia. Sonia Warshawski was one of the 100 survivors of the horrific Holocaust who resided in Kansas and survived three death camps during her childhood. See details below

S.Warshawski was a survivor of the horrible Holocaust, mass murder, and suffering at the hands of the Nazi forces. Sonia was born on November 10, 1925, in Miedzyrzec, Poland, and reared there.

This Is Big Sonia- Is She Still Alive? Meet Her And See What Happened To Her

Her mother, father, brother, and younger sister made up her charming little family. Before the German army invaded the system and anarchy slowly erupted in Miedzyrzec town, Warshawski and her family’s life was going well.

After a slow rise in their power and rights, The Nazi brutality continued, they scrapped away the rights of the original Miedzyrzec residents to win their own business, and the company was handed over to the German infiltrating system, but the town residents were still made to work under the system.


This Is Big Sonia: Holocaust Survivor

She was a survivor of the Holocaust. She was separated from her family after the raid by the Nazis and began searching for the last surviving member of the group that their system declared as inferior and worthless.


The family had built a hideaway tunnel underneath their bedroom bed but German Shepherds were used to tracing for the smell of the hiding members. After they were rounded up outside their ghetto by the Nazi army, Sonia’s, brother and sister managed to escape and they asked a farmer at a faraway farm to take care of Sonia’s younger sister.

However, they both were brutally deceived and killed by the pursuing Nazi army.

This Is Big Sonia- Is She Still Alive? Holocaust Survivor

Warshawski’s death has been reported by a few online tweets but it has not yet been validated.

Her Obituary is not present and her life journey and Holocaust suffering have been portrayed in the Big Sonia.


Warshawski’s mother was assigned and sadly killed at Majdanek Death Camp in June of 1943.





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