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Frank Warren: Tyson Fury Ready for Usyk Fight

  • Both fighters are driven by a desire to leave a lasting legacy and represent their countries with honor.
  • While Usyk excels in technical skill and has a perfect professional record, Fury relies on his mental strength and preparation to counterbalance Usyk’s advantages.
  • The fight promises to be historic, potentially crowning the first undisputed heavyweight champion in the four-belt era, marking a significant milestone in boxing history.

The highly anticipated showdown between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, set to take place in Riyadh, represents a significant moment in boxing history.

This matchup is not just about the physical prowess of both fighters; it’s also deeply rooted in personal motivations, national pride, and the quest for legacy.

Frank Warren: Tyson Fury Ready for Usyk Fight
Frank Warren: Tyson Fury Ready for Usyk Fight | Image Source: (skysports.com)

Frank Warren: Tyson Fury Ready for Usyk Fight

Tyson Fury’s promoter, Frank Warren, has shown that Fury is more than willing to go up against Oleksandr Usyk inside the ring. Both men are in talks for a potential matchup between the two of the sport’s best. Anticipation of such a fight between these two greats continues to build, with fans and critics keeping their eyes peeled based on both of these men’s amazing records and styles.

Tyson Fury is known for his punching power and quick feet. He has held the WBC heavyweight title since 2015, which has made him one of the best heavyweights to ever do it. Not to mention victories over the likes of Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua, this man has accomplished plenty in his career. Oleksandr Usyk, on the other hand, is a former undisputed cruiserweight champion who has made the jump to the heavyweight ranks, with his stellar boxing and defensive skills making him a formidable force among the big boys. His victories over fighters like Anthony Joshua and Derek Chisora have shown the world what he can do in the heavier weight class.

There is much talk of a Fury vs. Usyk match from the boxing community. Both men have stated their interest in facing each other, further fanning the flames of what can be an incredibly hyped fight. The dynamic at play in such a fight would be so fascinating, pitting the aggressive, charging style of Fury against the almost measured approach of Usyk. This would be a clash of titans, each man looking to further cement their legacy in the sport.

Frank Warren’s comments that Tyson Fury is ready to take on Usyk are indicative of how seriously Fury takes his career. As a promoter, Warren is constantly trying to negotiate his way through the complexities of matchmaking and locking in fights that are not only financially workable but also interesting for fans. Knowing the track record of Fury and the fact that he has never shied away from taking on formidable opponents, a fight against Usyk would definitely be a career highlight.

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Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk is just one such fight that puts the world of boxing on its toes. With both fighters coming forward and Frank Warren indicating Tyson Fury’s readiness, the stage seems set for what would amount to a historic encounter. Now, the world waits for the official confirmation of the bout, eager to see a clash of champions etched into boxing history.

Who Is Ukrainian Professional boxer Oleksandr Usyk?

Oleksandr Usyk is a Ukrainian professional boxer who has held multiple world championships in two weight classes. He has been the unified heavyweight champion since 2021 and the Ring magazine heavyweight champion since 2022.

Usyk was born in Simferopol, Crimea in 1987. He played football until age 15 before switching to boxing in 2002. Usyk is married with three children and lives in Kyiv.

Tyson Fury Vs Usyk
Tyson Fury Vs Usyk | Image Source: (sportingnews.com)

Usyk turned professional in 2013 at age 26 and won the cruiserweight world titles. He moved up to heavyweight in 2019 and defeated Anthony Joshua in 2021 to become the unified champion.

In his most recent fight in August 2023, Usyk faced Daniel Dubois. In the fifth round, Dubois landed a controversial body shot that knocked Usyk down. The referee ruled it a low blow. Some believe this exposed a potential weakness in Usyk’s ability to take body shots.

Usyk is scheduled to face Tyson Fury in a heavyweight title unification fight on May 18, 2024. Fury will have a significant size advantage, but Usyk is a highly skilled technical boxer. The fight is expected to be a close, tactical battle between two of the best heavyweights in the world.

Oleksandr Usyk’s boxing record is as follows:

Date Opponent Record Location Result
2024-05-18 Tyson Fury 34-0-1 Kingdom Arena, Riyadh Scheduled
2023-08-26 Daniel Dubois 19-1-0 Stadion Wroclaw, Wroclaw W-KO
2022-08-20 Anthony Joshua 24-2-0 Jeddah Superdome, Jeddah W-SD
2021-09-25 Anthony Joshua 24-1-0 Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Tottenham W-UD
2020-10-31 Derek Chisora 32-9-0 Wembley Arena, Wembley W-UD
2019-10-12 Chazz Witherspoon 38-3-0 Wintrust Arena, Chicago W-RTD
2016-09-17 Krzysztof Glowacki 26-0-0 Ergo Arena, Gdansk W-UD
2015-12-12 Pedro Julio Rodriguez 22-1-0 Sport Palace, Kiev W-TKO
2013-12-14 Epifanio Mendoza 34-15-1 Ice Palace “Terminal”, Brovari W-TKO
2013-11-09 Felipe Romero 16-7-1 Sport Palace, Kiev W-TKO

Usyk has an undefeated professional record of 21 wins, and 0 losses, with 14 of those wins coming by knockout.

Who Is British Professional Boxer Tyson Fury?

Tyson Fury, born on August 12, 1988, in Manchester, England, is a British professional boxer who currently holds the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight title. Fury has had a remarkable career, holding multiple heavyweight titles and being ranked as one of the best active heavyweights in the world. He has an impressive boxing record of 34 wins, 0 losses, and 1 draw, with 24 wins by knockout.

Fury has faced notable opponents like Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder, establishing himself as a dominant force in the heavyweight division. His upcoming fight is against Oleksandr Usyk, scheduled for May 18, 2024, where he will defend his title and aim to further solidify his position as one of the top heavyweights in the sport.

British Professional Boxer Tyson Fury
British Professional Boxer Tyson Fury | Image Source: (hindustantimes.com)

Tyson Fury’s height is 6’9″ (2.06 m) and his weight varies, but he typically fights around 250-269 lbs (113-122 kg).


  • Fury’s height is 6’9″ (2.06 m)
  • His reach is 85 inches (216 cm)
  • Against Francis Ngannou in 2023, Fury weighed 277.7 lbs (126 kg)
  • Before facing Ngannou, he weighed 268.8 lbs (122 kg) against Derek Chisora
  • In his 2020 rematch with Deontay Wilder, Fury weighed 273 lbs (124 kg)
  • In the Wilder trilogy, Fury weighed 277 lbs (126 kg)
  • In his 2015 title win over Wladimir Klitschko, Fury weighed 247 lbs (112 kg)

So while Fury’s weight has fluctuated over the years, he typically competes in the heavyweight division around 250-269 lbs (113-122 kg), with his height of 6’9″ (2.06 m) giving him a significant size advantage over most opponents.

Here is Tyson Fury’s boxing record:

Date Opponent Record Location Result
2024-05-18 Oleksandr Usyk 21-0-0 Kingdom Arena, Riyadh Scheduled
2023-10-28 Francis Ngannou Debut Boulevard Hall, Riyadh W-SD
2022-12-03 Derek Chisora 33-12-0 Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Tottenham W-TKO
2022-04-23 Dillian Whyte 28-2-0 Wembley Stadium, Wembley W-TKO
2021-10-09 Deontay Wilder 42-1-1 T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas W-KO
2020-02-22 Deontay Wilder 42-0-1 MGM Grand, Las Vegas W-TKO
2019-09-14 Otto Wallin 20-0-0 T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas W-UD
2019-06-15 Tom Schwarz 24-0-0 MGM Grand, Las Vegas W-TKO
2018-06-09 Sefer Seferi 24-2-0 Manchester Arena, Manchester W-RTD
2015-11-28 Wladimir Klitschko 64-3-0 Esprit Arena, Düsseldorf W-UD
2014-11-29 Dereck Chisora 20-5-0 ExCeL, London W-RTD
2012-12-01 Kevin Johnson 28-2-1 Odyssey Arena, Belfast W-UD
2011-07-23 Nicolai Firtha 20-8-1 King’s Hall, Belfast W-RTD
2011-04-23 Martin Rogan 14-2-0 Odyssey Arena, Belfast W-TKO
2010-09-11 Neven Pajkic 16-0-0 EventCity, Manchester W-RTD
2010-06-19 Rich Power 13-0-0 Wembley Arena, London W-TKO
2009-12-18 Marcelo Luiz Nascimento 13-5-0 Wembley Arena, London W-TKO
2009-09-12 John McDermott 25-8-1 Brentwood Centre, Brentwood W-UD
2009-06-06 John McDermott 25-7-1 Brentwood Centre, Brentwood W-UD
2009-03-28 Aleksandrs Selezens 2-4-0 Nottingham Arena, Nottingham W-TKO
2009-01-17 Béla Gyöngyösi 2-6-0 Nottingham Arena, Nottingham W-TKO

Tyson Fury has an undefeated professional record of 34 wins, 0 losses, and 1 draw, with 24 wins coming by knockout.

Who Is Former English Boxer Frank Warren?

Frank Warren is an English boxing manager and promoter, born on February 28, 1952, in Islington, North London, England. He is the founder of Queensberry Promotions and has been a prominent figure in British boxing for over four decades. Warren has promoted and managed numerous world champions and top-ranked fighters, including Naseem Hamed, Frank Bruno, Tyson Fury, Josh Warrington, Joe Calzaghe, Nigel Benn, Billy Joe Saunders, Steve Collins, Chris Eubank, Amir Khan, and Ricky Hatton.

Warren’s career in boxing began when he was approached by his second-cousin Lenny McLean, who needed a promoter for a rematch. Warren agreed and eventually became a licensed promoter, holding his first show at the Bloomsbury Crest Hotel in London in 1980. He has since become a leading figure in British boxing, guiding fighters to world championships and overseeing the careers of some of Britain’s best boxers over the last 25 years.

Former English Boxer Frank Warren
Former English Boxer Frank Warren

In addition to his work in boxing, Warren was also a founder of the British boxing television channel BoxNation, which operated from 2011 to 2022. He has been recognized for his contributions to boxing, being elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2007 and inducted in 2008.

Warren has also been involved in other business ventures, including owning the London Arena and investing in Bedford RFC “Bedford Blues” during the 1996-1997 season. He is a fan of Arsenal F.C. and lives in Shephall, Hertfordshire, with his family. In September 2023, Warren joined the board of BoxWise, the UK’s boxing youth work charity.

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