What Happened To The TikTok Influencer?

There was no word on whether Benjamin Ledig had been in an accident. His fight clip, on the other hand, has gone viral on Twitter.

It’s impossible to know if it’s him because his face isn’t visible in the video.

TikTok is where Ledig spends a lot of his time. He is currently embroiled in a legal battle that has put him in peril.

He collaborates with other influencers and develops TikTok content on a regular basis. His crop top video, in which he dances with a friend in front of a religious altar, went viral recently.

The video enraged online users, who branded the influencers as well as the video as shameful and unpleasant. Benjamin later apologized for the video on social media, but not for the video itself.

See Why Benjamin Ledig Is In Court

According to the site famillechretienne.fr, Benjamin Ledig was condemned by an interim order by the Paris Court on April 22, without revealing the nature of his sentence. On TikTok, he posted a video of himself dancing in a crop top in the Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis chapel in Paris.

According to Justice, the decision was founded on moral prejudice towards the parish priest, which hurt the area’s cultural affectation. The procedure’s priest expresses his dissatisfaction with the guilty man’s continuous threats and insults.

However, he maintains his position despite his insistence on uploading the tapes to the internet and his refusal to negotiate and strike an arrangement, as has been recommended several times.


Benjamin Requires Police Protection: Why?

Why Benjamin Ledig Is Threatened. According to Le Parisien, Benjamin requested police protection. “He is unable to leave his home without receiving insults and death threats,” his lawyers said in a statement.

In a video published by Le Parisien, the influencer returns to the dangers he and his entourage experience, saying, “There are people who come to his parents with balaclavas.” They impersonate him and know his parents’ identities, phone numbers, and addresses. His parents are afraid, and they sob on the phone to him every day.

“Die, you only deserve that, what a waste of time,” Benjamin Ledig says again, echoing one of the writings, “you only deserve that, what a waste of time.”