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Labour Reverses 20mph Speed Limit in Wales After Massive Petition

  • The Senedd petition opposing the 20mph speed limit in Wales has collected 469,570 signatures, making it the most signed petition in the history of the Senedd.
  • The petition surpasses the number of votes for Labour in the 2021 Senedd election, indicating widespread public opposition to the 20mph speed limit.
  • The controversial road regulation, which came into force in September 2023, has been criticized for its impact on journey times, businesses, and the Welsh economy.
  • Despite the petition’s massive support, the decision on its fate is pending, with the Chair of the Petitions Committee recommending it for debate but without a guarantee of approval.
  • An investigation into the petition’s signatures found some duplication and unusual names but concluded that the majority of signatures were valid and from people in Wales.
  • The petition’s success could influence policy changes or a review of the 20mph speed limit through a debate in the Senedd chamber.

Newspeople – Labour Reverses 20mph Speed Limit in Wales After Massive Petition, The Welsh Labour government’s decision to reverse the 20mph speed limit across the entirety of Wales, following a massive petition, represents a significant shift in policy. This decision comes after a petition, started on March 18, 2024, garnered over 469,570 signatures, aiming to stop the implementation of blanket 20mph speed limits across Wales by 2023. The petition’s success was not just due to the sheer number of signatures but also the widespread concern among the Welsh public and politicians about the economic and social implications of the policy.

The Welsh Conservatives, for instance, highlighted the potential economic cost of the 20mph speed limits, estimating it could be up to £9 billion. This concern was echoed by Welsh Labour MPs, who feared that the policy could negatively impact their chances in the upcoming general election. The Welsh Conservatives also criticized the Labour government for its lack of investment in public transport, road building, and the imposition of 20mph speed limits, arguing that these measures were hindering the daily lives of the Welsh people and the flourishing of businesses.

Labour Reverses 20mph Speed Limit in Wales After Massive Petition
Labour Reverses 20mph Speed Limit in Wales After Massive Petition

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The campaign against the 20mph speed limit was not just a grassroots effort but also received support from politicians and campaign groups. Nearly half a million people, a record number for the Welsh Parliament, backed calls to scrap the “stupid” road rule. The Welsh government’s decision to review the policy was met with skepticism, with critics arguing that the government’s talk of reviewing the policy was a sham.

However, the Welsh government and its supporters argued that the 20mph speed limit was not only supported by the public but also aligned with government requirements such as the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013. They pointed out that the Welsh Government had conducted due consultation and evaluation of public attitudes to 20mph limits over many years, and the most recent results were available on the Welsh Government website.

Despite the petition’s large number of signatures, a campaign group that supports the change, 20’s Plenty, critiqued the petition, pointing out serious factual errors and statements based on disputable opinion. They argued that the petition’s flawed presentation could not be used as a credible basis for any variation in government policy. The group also highlighted that the change would benefit a significant number of Welsh children, households with no access to a car, and people with concessionary travel passes, indicating that the change was seen as beneficial by many.

The Welsh Labour government’s decision to reverse the 20mph speed limit in Wales was influenced by a combination of public pressure, economic concerns, and political maneuvering. The decision reflects a complex interplay of public opinion, political dynamics, and the potential impact of the policy on the Welsh economy and society.

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