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Kelly Osbourne Opens Up on Early 2000s Fat-Shaming Incident in ‘The Osbournes’

  • Kelly Osbourne was fat-shamed by a film executive in the early 2000s, who suggested she needed to lose weight to succeed in the TV industry.
  • The incident deeply affected Kelly’s self-image and career path, leading her to withdraw from acting temporarily.
  • Kelly has since become a vocal advocate for body positivity, promoting acceptance and understanding towards individuals of all sizes.

Newsypeople – Kelly Osbourne is known for her work in music, fashion design, and television. On October 27, 1984, Kelly Osbourne was born in London, England, the daughter of Sharon Osbourne and heavy metal royalty Ozzy Osbourne. In the early 2000s, she became famous for the MTV reality show “The Osbournes” which depicted her life with her father.

She tried her hand at singing when she released a cover version of “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna among other ventures into the industry including starting brands like Stiletto Killers. She has faced problems with drugs but Kelly overcame addiction by going sober for some time and then throwing herself into different jobs such as being on TV shows like “Dancing With The Stars” or “Fashion Police” which kept her busy until today.

Kelly Osbourne Opens Up on Early 2000s Fat-Shaming Incident in 'The Osbournes'
Kelly Osbourne Opens Up on Early 2000s Fat-Shaming Incident in ‘The Osbournes’ | image source (en.wikipedia.org)

As per 2020 reports, the total assets owned by Kelly Osbourne are estimated to be around $15 million dollars. In addition to this, she has also taken part in many charity events. Moreover, acting modeling, and hosting shows are also some other talents possessed by Kelly thus making her an all-round entertainer in the Hollywood scene.

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Kelly Osbourne Opens Up on Early 2000s Fat-Shaming Incident in ‘The Osbournes’

During her teenage years in Hollywood in the early 2000s Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, a famous rock star shared a heartbreaking experience of being fat-shamed. The actress revealed this when she was featured on her family’s podcast named “The Osbournes”. She said that there was one time when an executive whom she did not name told her that she was too fat for TV and even suggested that if the starlet lost some pounds then she would have better chances at making it big in Hollywood.

Kelly said that during the episode she had been called into the head of the agency’s office where she found the boss playing golf casually but still managing to make degrading comments about her body in a tactless manner. Among other things, he insinuated that unless she shed off some weight then it would be impossible for her to succeed on screen let alone become a movie star. According to him, “You’re not a movie star, but you could be one if you lost weight.”

This incident happened just before Kelly was supposed to appear in her first film titled Freaky Friday which was to be released in 2003 alongside Lindsay Lohan. However, she had to drop out of the project after her mum Sharon Osbourne was diagnosed with colon cancer around the same time. Despite this setback though, Sharon managed to fight off the disease through chemotherapy and later underwent double mastectomy in 2012 so as to further lower her chances of getting cancer back again.

In the entertainment industry, the issue of body shaming and the challenges faced by those who want to succeed have been widely discussed. Kelly’s openness about her experience in Hollywood is an example of this. In this context, one may wonder why physical beauty matters so much for career development.

Kelly Osbourne Fat-Shaming
Kelly Osbourne Fat-Shaming

Furthermore, she opened up about her struggle with weight changes as well as the social expectations that come with it. In 2020, Kelly revealed that she underwent gastric sleeve surgery to lose some pounds. She stated that there is no “right way” when it comes to losing weight and each person should find their own path towards being healthy and happy. Additionally, she dismissed claims linking her recent weight loss to the use of Ozempic, insisting that she had her son Sidney in 2022 which made her manage gestational diabetes hence shedding off the pregnancy kilos.

This honest conversation held at The Osbournes Podcast is a call for us all to recognize damaging standards of beauty and challenge them so that people’s lives do not suffer said Sharon Osbourne on Twitter after viewing this episode herself. It also shows how these norms can affect self-esteem or even job opportunities for individuals.

Kelly Osbourne Advocates for Body Positivity

Kelly Osbourne, the famous woman from TV, uses her fame to help people feel good about themselves no matter what they look like. In the past few years, Kelly has come a long way with her body image but it wasn’t easy. She talked a lot about how tough things were sometimes when different people said mean stuff or expected them never to change just because she was on TV; this made everything worse for me inside! She couldn’t help but be sad after constantly being around that kind of energy and it really affected me.

That’s exactly why she chose to address these issues instead of pretending they didn’t exist so everyone else would feel comfortable around me which is exactly what happened. During this period of time she realized that there are times in life when you must stand up no matter what even if your knees are shaking like a leaf; so many others need help doing the same thing too! By being so open about them all this stuff became less of a burden on my heart because I could share it with other people who might be going through the same thing.

She doesn’t think she’s anyone special for doing what she does; anyone else would do it if they had been given the same opportunities as Kelly Osbourne. There’s no way she can tell whether or not she “deserves” to be where she is today but at least one good thing has come out of everything – at least now I know what kind of person I want to be!

Kelly has also made it her mission to help others tell their stories too. Everybody needs to feel like they belong and have someone who understands them because we are all human beings sharing this planet together. So it was only natural that once Kelly found out how much relief came from speaking up about things people don’t usually talk about she would want for others what had been given unto herself through no choice but necessity so strong there’s no stopping these lips from moving now!

Kelly Osbourne Opens Up on Early 2000s Fat-Shaming Incident in 'The Osbournes'
Kelly Osbourne Fat-Shaming

It doesn’t matter if you’re young old black white gay straight male female transgender able-bodied disabled-bodied or anything else because every single person’s story is important—and should never go unheard by those willing ears waiting eagerly nearby ready willing able capable competent skilled experienced knowledgeable insightful wise compassionate loving caring supportive understanding sympathetic empathetic nonjudgmental open-minded fair-minded just-minded kind-hearted warm-hearted tender-hearted big-hearted soft-hearted sweet-hearted sensitive-hearted big soft sweet sensitive kind tender warm caring loving compassionate wise insightful knowledgeable experienced skilled competent capable able willing fair-minded open-minded nonjudgmental empathetic sympathetic understanding supportive caring loving compassionate wise insightful big soft sweet sensitive kind tender warm-hearted compassionate loving supportive understanding caring insightful wise empathetic nonjudgmental sympathetic big-hearted soft-hearted warm-hearted tender-hearted loving caring supportive understanding empathetic nonjudgmental sympathetic insightful loving caring.

Osbourne’s support for positive self-image reaches further than just self-empowerment. She has actively questioned the limited and usually unrealistic beauty standards put across by the media and fashion industry. Through her outspokenness about underrepresentation and the propagation of harmful stereotypes, Osbourne has been instrumental in effecting real change.

Osbourne knows that it is vital to teach children body positivity at a young age so that they can grow up with healthy self-esteem Owing to this, she has also taken up the task of educating as well as motivating them. By sharing her own story and giving them insights, she encourages them to appreciate their differences and not succumb to societal pressure which might lead them into struggling with their body image.

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