Missing Update: Is Missing Keeshae Jacobs Found Now? Info On What Happened To Her


Is Missing Keeshae Jacobs Found Now? Info On What Happened To Her. Keeshae Jacobs has not been seen since 2016 and is still unaccounted for at this point. After telling her mother she was going to her friend’s house, Jacobs was last seen leaving her house.

Tony, Keeshae’s mother, reported her daughter missing after she failed to come home from her friend’s house. She has been gone for six years, but her mother has not given up hope that she is still alive.

Missing Update: Is Missing Keeshae Jacobs Found Now? Info On What Happened To Her
Missing Update: Is Missing Keeshae Jacobs Found Now

Her mother has not given hope and is still looking for her missing daughter. She is still waiting for her daughter to return home.


Missing Update: Is Missing Keeshae Jacobs Found Now?

Is Keeshae Jacobs Found Yet? Keeshae Jacobs is still missing. She had just left for her friend’s place when she was last spotted. Since that time, she has been unreachable and impossible to find.

On August 6, 1995, Keeshae was born, and Toni, her mother, raised her. Deavon, her brother, was a close family friend of hers. Kesshae, Toni, and Deavon formed a close-knit group with one another.

Keesha Jacobs went missing from Richmond in 2016
Keesha Jacobs went missing from Richmond in 2016 ( Source: Facebook )


Deavon, Kesshae’s brother, was detained and imprisoned in 2016. Deavon was scheduled to be released from prison just before Keeshae vanished, but she was unable to meet him.

Later, Deavon was discovered dead, but the police’s inquiry revealed that his death had nothing to do with the disappearance of her sister. When one of her children vanished and the other was nowhere to be found, her mother was devastated.

The disappearance of Keesha has attracted media attention on social media and in new outlets. Similar to that, it has been discussed in Dateline’s Missing America podcast.

Additionally, Toni was shown in the HBO documentary Black and Missing. It was revealed in the documentary series that African Americans have been gone for four times as long as White Americans.

Similar to how she revealed in the documentary when she told police officials that her daughter was missing, they didn’t take the matter seriously at first, despite the fact that the first 48 hours were essential in a missing person case.

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Info On Keesha Jacobs Missing From Richmond

Keeshae Jacobs went missing from her Richmond home on September 26, 2016. She had texted her mother while working that she was going to her friend’s party and would return the day after home.

On September 27, 2016, her mother didn’t receive any messages and could find her daughter in her home. Toni released that something was wrong and called her friends as if she were them, but she was not with any of her friends.


Keesha Jacobs has not been found yet even after six years of missing
Keesha Jacobs has not been found yet even after six years of missing ( Source: Facebook )


On September 28, 2016, after searching every place, Toni and Deavon thought they could find her and didn’t get any clues about her, so Toni and Deavon went to the police station to file the report, but they didn’t take the case seriously and dismissed it.

Toni, her mother, was able to report a crime, but not a missing person. Keeshae’s mother and brother circulated flyers about her whereabouts in the neighborhood five days after she vanished.

Her buddies admitted that they had made up Keeshae’s whereabouts when distributing the files because Keesha had arrived to the residence. The news stunned Toni, who enquired about all the details.

Her companions revealed that Keeshae had requested a drive home from a location that was ten minutes away so she could meet a female friend. She later denied making plans with Keeshae while speaking to their common female acquaintance.

Toni saw a ray of hope after finding some clue. She discovered that her friend Demarcus Hunt had agreed to drive her. Demarcus shared that he saw Keeshae going to the house and drove away after dropping her off.

Toni went to the house Keeshae had visited at night, where she discovered a man who asked her if Keeshae had visited his house in 26. Jacobs was there, the man said, but she was only there for a short while until someone else picked her up.

She had been unknown for a while, and all of her social media accounts were inactive, so police started looking into her. When Toni, her mother, returned to the house where she had previously been, she was shocked to see that the man she had seen was no longer there.

In 2018 a development in the missing case was seen when a prison inmate claimed to have information about her whereabouts. The person is in jail for the charges of assaulting a woman, but his identity has not been revealed, nor has his information regarding Keeshae.

Does Anyone Know What Happened To Keeshae Jacobs?

Keeshae Jacobs vanished, and as of now, there is no information on her location. Despite conducting an inquiry into her disappearance, police were unable to find her.

Despite the fact that it has been six years after her disappearance, her mother is still searching for her daughter. The Keeshae Jacobs foundation is a foundation that Toni created.

Every year in April for Missing Person’s Day, the foundation works with the Richmond City Police division.

The search for Keeshae is still ongoing, and her mother is convinced that she is still alive and that other families who are in need can benefit from her tale.

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