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Serena Williams Struggles to Fit Into Denim Skirt Post-Birth

  • Serena Williams has been open about her struggles to fit into a pre-pregnancy Valentino denim skirt after giving birth to her second child.
  • Her candid social media posts have resonated with fans, who have praised her for her honesty and vulnerability in addressing post-pregnancy body image challenges.
  • Williams remains determined to achieve her weight loss goals, including being able to wear the skirt, highlighting her commitment to self-acceptance and body positivity.

NewsypeopleSerena Williams has been very open about her journey to getting back into shape after having a baby. She recently shared during a number of social media posts how she struggled to fit into a Valentino denim skirt that she bought while pregnant with her second child.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, Serena can be seen trying to zip up the skirt she had bought while still expecting. The skirt that she wanted to wear again didn’t fit well anymore and she was heard expressing her aggravation over it.

Serena Williams' Candid Struggle with Post-Pregnancy Body Image
Serena Williams’ Candid Struggle with Post-Pregnancy Body Image

Her fans and the public at large have greatly appreciated Serena’s honesty and openness with regard to her body issues following childbirth. The tennis player has not shied away from speaking out about losing weight as well as going back to her pre-pregnancy fitness levels terming the whole process difficult.

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Serena Williams’ Candid Struggle with Post-Pregnancy Body Image

Serena Williams bared it all about her journey after giving birth to two children in an attempt to fit into a pair of jeans that she bought while pregnant. She has shared her story on different social media platforms and this has helped her show the world how hard it is for a woman’s body to go through changes during and after child delivery.

The tennis legend recorded herself trying on the Valentino denim skirt early this year (2024). The garment was one of many items she had bought hoping they would fit after delivering her second born, Adira, in August 2023. Serena could not get past the hips despite thinking positively at first because when she made initial attempts, it remained unzipped which made her express irritation but said currently she would only return for it later on assuming that through regular gym workouts she could one day manage.

Fast forward several months down the line; May 2024 saw another video upload from Williams showing her progress with the same piece. Even though there had been no gap in between where she would miss going for training, still the former world number oneplayer found little success as far as this particular clothing item was concerned since only a few inches difference could be noticed this time around compared to what happened during the initial trial.

Many people were able to relate with her when they saw how open and honest she had been about the whole process because it was clear that not even someone of Serena’s caliber had things easy after giving birth while trying to regain fitness simultaneously.

Loving yourself is key when dealing with body changes after pregnancy according to Serena who further went ahead post some b!kini pictures appreciating natural evolution. In addition friends like kelly Rowland as well fans including Octavia Spencer among others also came out shower praises over their friend’s strength and beauty in such trying moments.

Even though it’s hard, Williams is still devoted to being healthy and fit – a skirt is what she uses to measure how far she’s come. In fact, her story is like that of so many women who have had babies: it’s relatable because we’ve all been there before with our bodies after giving birth.

Serena Williams’ Unwavering Commitment to Her Postpartum Weight Loss Journey

Serena Williams, the well-known tennis star, has been sharing her weight loss journey after giving birth to Adira River her second child in August 2023. Williams shared her hardships and successes on various social media platforms in a bid to regain her fitness and body shape after pregnancy.

Among the key moments in her journey was when she tried fitting into a Valentino denim skirt she bought while still expectant. In a video posted on Instagram on May 22, 2024, the player can be seen struggling to zip up the skirt which she intended to wear after delivering her baby.

She appeared visibly annoyed by her inability to wear the attire comfortably even after engaging in physical exercises aimed at shedding off some pounds. Though things have not always gone as planned, Serena has never lost sight of what she wants regarding losing weight and being back in shape again following childbirth.

Serena Williams' Candid Struggle with Post-Pregnancy Body Image
Serena Williams’ Candid Struggle with Post-Pregnancy Body Image

She made known her mind in an earlier clip shared in January this year saying that she will only be satisfied when her tummy is no longer big enough for the Valentino dress. This attitude has earned her widespread support from fans who find it easy to identify with someone so honest about their difficulties while trying to achieve certain goals.

The athlete’s journey towards reclaiming her figure after having a baby has also been characterized by embracing body positivity. She uploaded an Instagram picture donning a bikini last month and captioned it with words expressing love for the imperfectness of one’s body especially during pregnancy.

Many people feel encouraged by this act self-appreciation including other popular figures like Kelly Rowland who went ahead to applaud Williams for being strong in addition being resilient. Even though she has had setbacks, Williams is still focused on losing weight and getting in shape.

Her dedication to this journey has been an encouragement for those dealing with what happens after having a baby. Sharing openly and truthfully about her own story, it is an invitation for people to love who they are physically built be strong inside as much as possible but never let go their targets outright.

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