Daniel Franzese: Talks About Writing ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel – Explored


Daniel Franzese: Talks About Writing ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel – Explored. Will Mean Girls ever have a sequel? If it were up to the movie’s Damien, played by actor Daniel Franzese, he would be the first to sign up.

Franzese recently stated that he would take on any Mean Girls sequel or reboot, despite the fact that there are currently no firm plans for one.

Daniel Franzese: Talks About Writing ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel – Explored

“I would love it,” he said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “I would absolutely love it. And I would do it in any form whatsoever. This movie brings people so much joy. So I lean into it. Damien is on a different level than a lot of other characters in the movie.”


Daniel Franzese talks about writing a ‘Mean Girls sequel

Franzese is attempting to make a Mean Girls sequel by Fey happen on his own, despite his desire to work on one. He revealed, “I’ve been attempting to compose something lately that has all of us in it. “Just because that seems like such a wonderful thing to do to me. And I am aware of how much happiness I have gained.

So, he said, “My dream was to be like this well-known actor.” “And pretty much everyone knows me if you say, ‘Oh, the guy from Mean Girls,’ even if you don’t know how to pronounce my name. So, what’s the next dream now that I’ve already achieved it? What exactly is the next objective?

Franzese noted that it might be important to propose a Mean Girls sequel at the appropriate time. He said, “I think I could pitch it in a year. And it’ll be enjoyable, I know. What a perfect moment to start something like that as the 20th-anniversary approaches.


A ‘Mean Girls’ sequel would be ideal with Tina Fey

Franzese claimed that he would act in any sequel to Mean Girls because he is so into the franchise. He declared, “I would do Damian the animated series.” “I mean, I want to film a whole movie with the entire cast,” she continued. Each of us plays a distinct role. You know how much people would enjoy that?

Mean Girls cast Lindsay Lohan (as Cady Heron), Lizzy Caplan (as Janis Ian) and Daniel Franzese (as Damian) stand next to each other looking surprised
Lindsay Lohan (as Cady Heron), Lizzy Caplan (as Janis Ian), and Daniel Franzese (as Damian) | CBS via Getty Images

He did, however, acknowledge that a follow-up movie would require Tina Fey, who created the original Mean Girls, to work her magic. He said, “Tina Fey has the power, but she isn’t firing the trigger.” So I don’t know if anyone else could. I can’t put that entirely on Tina, you know? It would have been amazing if she had continued to write movies for all of us, like if we were all in Baby Daddy or something.


What did Tina Fey say about another ‘Mean Girls’?

He went back to wishing he could get Fey to sign on to his vision of a Mean Girls sequel. “I haven’t talked to Tina in a really long time, so I would like to talk to her,” he said. Adding, “That would be nice.”

Mean Girls fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a Fey-backed movie, though, unless Fey has changed her mind about a sequel in the last few years. The original movie’s 10th anniversary is coming up next month. In 2014, she expressed her shock to Extra. “Unfortunately, there won’t be a movie; we’re going to try to get everyone together. All of us are past the high school age.

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