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Tom Gores Affairs With Lisa- Who Is Lisa Gores? How True Is It? See Tom’s Wife And Children


Tom Gores Affairs With Lisa- Lisa Gores revealed that she had an affair with Tom Gores while Tom was still married and she was married to Tom’s brother Alec. See more intriguing revelations.

Tom Gores, also known as “Tewfiq Georgios,” is an American entrepreneur and investor. is a multibillionaire American businessman. Platinum Equity, a private equity business based in Beverly Hills, California, was founded by him.

Tom Gores Affairs With Lisa- Who Is Lisa Gores?  How True Is It? See Tom's Wife And Children

In addition, Gores and Platinum bought the NBA’s Detroit Pistons in 2011 and became their owners. He bought Platinum’s share of the team in August 2015, giving him 100 per cent ownership and making Tom the sole owner. Thanks to Gores, the Pistons now have a new $90 million headquarters and training centre. It first opened its doors in September of this year.


Infidelity: Tom Gores Affairs With Lisa- Revelations

From the years 2000 to 2001, Tom Gores and his brother Alec’s wife, According to the news, Lisa Gores was having an affair. Lisa Gores also testified that she had an affair with Tom Gores, who was married at the time, but still married to businessman Alec Gores, in early 2001.

Alec and Lisa, on the other hand, divorced in August of 2001. Her spouse had hired Pellicano to investigate her, she claimed.

In the 25-minute video, Lisa Gores and her husband’s brother Tom Gores were overheard discussing their 2001 rendezvous at the Beverly Hills Hotel and her fear of being followed. As a result, the allegations about Tom and Lisa Gores’ affair were proven to be true. Nonetheless, they are currently separated.

Is Tom Gores Still Married To His Wife And Family?

Tom Gores is married to Holly Gores, with whom he has three children, according to sources. Tom lives in Beverly Hills, California, with his wife and children.

Tom was the fifth of six children born to a devout Catholic father and a Lebanese mother.

His brother, Alec, is also a private equity billionaire. Tom and Alec spent their 20s researching the buyout sector together before splitting up in 1995. In January 2020, Platinum completed its largest fund to date, raising a larger-than-expected $10 billion from investors.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Tom Gores?

Tom Gores is an American businessman and investor with a net worth of $6 billion USD as of 2022, according to Forbes. He started Platinum Equity, a private equity firm based in Beverly Hills, California.

Platinum Equity, Tom Gores’ Los Angeles-based private equity firm, oversees more than 40 companies worth a total of $26 billion. Tom’s family moved from Israel to Michigan when he was four years old. As a child, he stocked shelves at his father’s small grocery store in Flint.

Gores was named to the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans in 2002. In 2006, he spearheaded a bid to purchase PNA Steel, which he later sold to Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. in 2008.


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