Shanquella Robinson Death And Autopsy Report: What Was The Cause Of Her Murder? She Was Fatally Beaten By A Friend

Shanquella Robinson Death And Autopsy Report

Let’s know about ‘Shanquella Robinson Death And Autopsy Report’ On social media, a frightening video of Shanquella Robinson being assaulted by a friend has gone viral. What is the background of her slaying?

Businesswoman Shanquella had a lot of success. She had six posts and 14.8K Instagram followers at the time.

Shanquella was born in the US in 1997 and is now 25 years old. Regarding her parents, Salamandra Robinson was the one who carried her to term. Her Father’s and her siblings’ names are unknown.

Shanquella Robinson Death And Autopsy Report

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Shanquella Robinson Beaten Up By Her Friend To Death

One of Shanquella Robinsonfriendsend killed her by beating her to death. On October 28, the Charlotte resident and three friends set off for Mexico.

The 24-year-old went away just 24 hours after the group arrived at their destination. Alcohol use was identified as Shanquella Robinson’s fatal illness’s cause.

But a terrible video shows Shanquella Robinson being brutally thrashed in a room while she is completely naked. It is rumored that one of her companions recorded the savage attack at the Cabo villa on film.

Shanquella Robinson Death And Autopsy Report
A video of Shanquella Robinson getting beaten by her friend is going viral on social media. (Source: MEAWW)

As a result, the horrific video of Shanquella Robinson being attacked by a friend has gained a lot of attention on social media.

At one time, the victim was lying on the ground, and it appeared that the attacker’s other friends were standing nearby. “At least fight back,” stated a man who was filming the incident.

After the terrifying video was posted on social media, many internet users demanded justice for the North Carolina businesswoman.

One Twitter user said, “This is wicked. That’s disturbing, and I hope the family receives justice, a different person stated.

Someone said, “It’s horrible how people would secretly dislike you and start planning against you.

They had originally planned for her to come, but after she arrived, she passed just 24 hours later. No way.”

Shanquella Robinson Death And Autopsy Report: What Is The Story Behind Shanquella Robinson’s Murder?

The autopsy report for Shanquella has been made public, and it is abundantly evident that the Charlotte resident’s death was caused by a fractured neck and cracked cord.

Her spinal cord was broken. Her back spasmed, and she cracked; her parents, Salamondra and Bernard, had told me this.

Moreover, her family claims that their daughter was murdered. On Saturday, a memorial service is expected to take place.

Shanquella Robinson Death And Autopsy Report
Shanquella Robinson died of a broken neck & cracked cord, according to her autopsy report. (Source: Latest News – Fresherslive)

People who know her have deep condolences for her family. Many people experienced anguish over this occurrence.

She was murdered, not from drinking too much alcohol, as demonstrated by the widely shared footage of her being pummeled on social media.

A video has gone viral on social media, prompting a significant investigation into this matter by Mexican official organizations.

The video appears to show her being severely battered. The autopsy report alsrefersce to this. However, her friends told her that she had passed away from alcohol poisoning.

More details will become available after the investigation report is published by the Mexican Police.

There are several other pieces of evidence, including video. Robinson’s relatives claim that she was abused.

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Some FAQs:

Who Are Shanquella Robinson Parents?

According to Shanquella Robinson’s parents Bernard and Salamondra Robinson, on October 28th, 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson traveled to Cabo, Mexico with a group of friends. Unfortunately, they would never again see their daughter alive.

Who Killed Shanquella Robinson?

Bernard and Salamondra were informed that Shanquella Robinson passed away due to alcohol poisoning. But Robinson’s friends were seen on camera beating her.

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