What Happened To Nigerian Rapper: Is Dablixx Osha still Alive? Death Cause


Let’s find out ‘What Happened To Nigerian Rapper: Is Dablixx Osha still Alive?’ Rapper and well-known Nigerian trap musician Dablixx Osha has passed away. What caused his death, and why?

The rapper is well-known for doing freestyle rap on social media; in a short period of time, his rap gained a large number of views and followers.

What Happened To Nigerian Rapper: Is Dablixx Osha still Alive?


Osha has always been interested in rap since his August 27, 1995, birth in Oniyide Azeez, Lagos. He had always wanted to begin a musical career.

Hating On A Young Nigga, No Feelings, Tonny Montanna, Wanna Laugh, Gone and Dead, and other well-known albums are a few of his best-known releases.


Is Dablixx Osha Still Alive?

There is no longer a Dabilxx Osha in this universe. He died at the age of 27. He left us too soon, and the news has shocked a lot of people.

Since no one from his family has yet to corroborate the news, many of his followers still do not accept it.

He was becoming well-known thanks to social media, and he appeared to be enjoying himself because his music was well-liked all around the world.

Osha had a million followers on Instagram, where he was most active. He recently released a video of himself doing freestyle.

What Happened To Nigerian Rapper: Is Dablixx Osha still Alive?
One Day ago a post from Dablixx Osha. (Image Source: Instagram)

So, the news has shocked people; his fans have been questioning the reason behind his hate.

What Happened To Nigerian Rapper: Is Dablixx Osha still Alive? Death Cause

The rapper’s death has been a topic of discussion, although the cause has not yet been revealed.

But one reason might be that Osha didn’t have a chronic ailment or a condition that was becoming worse.

He was shy and rarely had many friends because he spent practically all of his time alone creating raps.

The cause of his death has not yet been disclosed by his family, however several sources have indicated that it was a natural death.

What Happened To Nigerian Rapper: Is Dablixx Osha still Alive?
Tweet from one of Dablixx Osha Fan. (Image Source: Twitter)

It’s possible that the situation is not a suicide because he appeared fine in the video he released yesterday. He was only 27 though, and everyone had their excuse.

His supporters have been attempting to get the press and media to cover the information, but thus yet there has been no notification.

Hopefully, the news will provide additional details about his passing in a day or two. But if I had to guess, it appears to be a natural death.

People have been startled by the rapper’s passing and have been attempting to get information, but after a day no report has been released.

The rapper was discovered dead in his apartment this morning, November 8, 2022. His family may reveal this information later when they go public.


Net Worth of Nigerian Rapper, Dablixx Osha

His profession as a songwriter and rapper was his main source of income, and the sources estimate his net worth at $80,000.

In addition, he makes money from his solo albums, which he released roughly 10 of before he passed away.

He was building his career with the goal of making over a million dollars, but he was unsuccessful.

Osha left his body before most people even knew who he was, yet following the news, he gained worldwide recognition. The death of the rapper Osha has been covered by numerous sites.

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