Is Rapper Slim Dead Or Alive? Info On London Shooting Details Explored


Is Rapper Slim Dead Or Alive? Info On London Shooting Details Explored.

One of the newest exports of the UK rap scene, Lewisham’s Slim is a rapper who has recently made waves and has fans searching for his most current music.

South London-based MC Slim tells stories from his personal life in a genuine and timely manner using grime and U.K. drill as the musical backdrop for his bars.

Is Rapper Slim Dead Or Alive? Info On London Shooting Details Explored
Is Rapper Slim Dead Or Alive?

Like most of his friends, Slim began writing poetry when he was a young child, but his talent set him different. He joined Lewisham’s group the Hillz right away, and the two of them later worked together on several movies.

Slim, however, got into legal trouble and was given a two-year term. After being freed, he made the decision that he wanted to honor his mother and put all of his efforts into music.


Is Rapper Slim Dead Or Alive? Info On London Shooting Details Explored

Slim is still in good health and alive. The full story of the incident and the supporting evidence has not yet been made public.

Slim, however, encountered legal issues and received a two-year sentence. He decided after being set free that he wanted to dedicate his life to music in memory of his mother.



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This began to pay off in 2018, when three songs in a row—”Different,” “Again and Again,” and “Touring”—launched him into the public eye.

On his debut mixtape, 2019’s Still Working, which was released the following year under the leadership of producer 1st Born, he teamed with Headie One and M Huncho.


Info On What Happened To Slim UK Rapper Explored

Rapper Slim, a London native, was charged with drug possession in Scotland and given a two-year prison term earlier this month.

With the release of the song “Magic” in February 2018, Slim’s career officially began. This was a pivotal moment in his life since it gave him the drive to continue making music after years of doing so but never seriously enough to see results.

Slim also has a close friend.
Slim also has a close friend. ( Source: Instagram )


If it doesn’t go well and has decent reception, I’m just going to forget about it, Slim said to his manager Desperado (OGz). The rewards of the blue borough rapper’s decision to keep making songs had been apparent after a year.

Slim appears ready to join the ranks of musicians with an expanding number of hit singles with the release of Still Working, which contains guest verses from Headie One, M Huncho, and K Trap.

His songs typically talk about having a plan, and his level of assertiveness infuses every aspect of our interaction. Slim is a man with a plan, and as he releases new music, the popularity of his aggressive brand of UK rap only appears to increase.

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Meet Slim Uk Rapper On Instagram

Slim, a well-known rapper from the UK, posts regularly to Instagram under the account @slimofficial1. Slim’s catalog was quite small but nevertheless had a big impact, and he has added some beauty to the upcoming release of Nevertheless Working (which you can pre-order here).

His most recent release, “Pablo,” is on course to surpass a million views more quickly than any of the other five. photographs on his Instagram profile. In just six releases, he has collected over 15 million views.



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A post shared by SLIM (@slimofficial1)

In addition, he has since been released from prison and is now leading a prosperous life. By 2022, his net worth is predicted to be around $2 million, allowing him to live a prosperous, affluent lifestyle.

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