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Dave Ramsey Son: Who Is Daniel Ramsey? Details Of His Age And Net Worth

Dave Ramsey Son: Who Is Daniel Ramsey? Despite being Dave Ramsey’s son, Daniel Ramsey serves as the EVP of Business and Leadership Spoke at Ramsey Solutions.

American radio broadcaster, author, and businessman Dave Ramsey is well-known for his financial advice. Additionally, he is an evangelical Christian and the host of The Ramsey Show, a nationally televised radio show.


Who Is Daniel Ramsey


Ramsey has written a number of books, including The Total Money Makeover, a New York Times best-seller.

In 1992, Dave Ramsey founded the financial consulting firm Ramsey Solutions, where his son Daniel Ramsey currently works. Due to its explicitly Christian ideals, the company is one of the most contentious of its sort.

A corporation built on delivering hope, Ramsey Solutions describes itself as providing common sense education and empowerment.  However, employees and people outside the company have often complained about it.


Dave Ramsey Son: Who Is Daniel Ramsey?

Along with Rachel, Denise, and Dave Ramsay’s lone son, Daniel Ramsay is one of Dave Ramsay’s three children.

Daniel is employed by Ramsey Solutions as the EVP, Business and Leadership Spoke, as was already reported. a job he began in December 2020.

He joined the business in June 2014. Prior to his employment at Ramsey Solutions, he spent four months (May–August 2011) as a Sales Advisor at the Lambo Group.

From June 2014 through November 2016, Daniel served as a Media Sales Representative with The Lambo Group, which had since changed its name to Ramsey Solutions.

He worked in that capacity for more than a year, from November 2016 to December 2017, after being appointed to Senior Director Consumer Channel in November 2016.

Daniel was eventually elevated to Vice President of EveryDollar & Financial Peace consumers because of his outstanding performance at work.

He held the post for only a year before being swiftly promoted by the corporation. His prior role before his current one, Senior Vice President of Membership and Financial Peace, was promoted to him in January 2019.

As the EVP or Executive Vice President of the company, Daniel works directly under his father and is responsible for managing specific business areas.

He also oversees all the operations within his area of responsibility. His area of responsibility is the Business and Leadership Spoke.

Daniel’s work is more in the back end of Ramsay Solutions as he is not a part of Ramsey Personalities like his father and sister, who are the top two members and are seen as the highest experts.

How Old Is Daniel Ramsey, Age?

Although Dave Ramsey married his wife Sharon in 1982, Daniel is younger than that as his actual age is unclear.

All three of Dave Ramsey’s kids are employed with Ramsey Solutions, with Rachel being the most successful.

In an Evangelical Christian home, Daniel, Denise, and Rachel were raised. They were born and raised in Tennessee.

Although it is unknown what the other two Ramsey children studied in high school, Rachel attended Brentwood High School and the University of Tennessee, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in communications.

From 2010 to 2014, Daniel also attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Management.

He graduated with a Magna Laude degree while maintaining a 3.78 grade point average in college.

All of Dave Ramsay’s children are very special to him, and in 2014, he and his daughter Rachel co-wrote the New York Times number one bestseller Smart Money, Smart Kids.

In numerous interviews, Daniel Ramsay has discussed growing up with his father and, more especially, about growing up in the shadow of his sister and father’s success.

Daniel Ramsay Net Worth – How Much Does He Worth?

Although Dave Ramsey, Daniel Ramsay’s father, has a net worth of $200 million, Daniel Ramsay’s net worth is unknown.

It is not surprising that Dave Ramsay has accumulated such a sizable net worth given that he is one of the most successful financial consultants in all of America.

Less than ten years after receiving his university degree, in 1986, the man had already accumulated a sizable portfolio worth over $4 million.

However, after the Competitive Equality Banking Act of 1987 went into force, several banks changed hands and Ramsey’s $1.2 million in loans and credit lines were recalled.

Ramsey declared bankruptcy in 1988 due to his inability to pay. Since then, he has climbed the corporate ladder with his bare nails and grown into one of the nation’s richest industrialists.

Ramsey achieved this by being well-known on radio and television. His time working in radio was so prosperous that he was later admitted in 2015 to the National Radio Hall of Fame.

In 1988, he established the Lambo Group, a firm that offers financial counseling, and in 1992, he created and self-published Financial Peace, his debut book.

As previously stated, in 2014 Ramsey changed the name of the Lambo Group to Ramsey Solutions. Since then, it has gained enormous popularity, in no small part due to the influence of Rachel Cruze and her father.

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