What Is Danielle Redlick Occupation?

At this time, Danielle Redlick’s occupation remains unknown. She is currently charged with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence in the murder of her husband, Michael Redlick.

Michael, on the other hand, was the DeVos Sport Business Management Graduate Program’s director of external affairs and partnership relations when he died.

What Is Danielle Redlick Occupation? Michael Redlick Wife Found Not Guilty Of Second Degree Murder
Danielle Redlick brutally stabbed her husband who was once her step father to death (source : Yahoo)


According to Oxygen.com, prosecutors described the crime scene as a “horror movie.” According to them, Danielle Redlick attempted to clean up the crime scene in an unlawful manner.

She also viewed her online dating profile before reporting her husband’s death to the police. During their four-year courtship and 15-year marriage, Redlick testified that Michael Redlick was regularly abusive.

According to the station, she also stated that he frequently did it when he was unhappy about work or drunk.

Danielle Redlick Age As Of 2022

Danielle Redlick will be 48 years old in the year 2022. Her parents gave birth to her on November 3, 1973. Redlick is the mother of a teenage daughter and has been accused with the murder of her husband.

When Danielle’s stepfather-turned-husband, Michael Redlick, was brutally killed in their house, he was 65 years old.

Redlick first claimed her spouse died of a heart attack to the authorities. After a violent fight in their house in January 2019, she claimed he stabbed himself to death with a kitchen knife.

Meet Danielle Redlick Kids

Danielle Redlick has two kids with her late husband Michael Redlick. Recently her 18-years old daughter Jadyn Redlick testified for the prosecution.

She said her parents were having issues before her father died. Jadyn testified that her father left the family home in April of 2018. However, he did return to his family have returned six months later.


Jadyn Redlick testified on her father's murder case
Jadyn Redlick testified on her father’s murder case (source : Sportskeeda)


Even though they weren’t living together at the time, Jadyn recalls her father bringing flowers and gifts for her mother. A recording of a mother and daughter’s jail phone chat was also played to the jury.

Jaclyn expressed her displeasure with her mother throughout the call, accusing her of lying about her father’s death.

Verdict Of Danielle Redlick, Wife Of Deceased Michael Redlick

The murder trial of Danielle Redlick closed with a verdict on Friday afternoon. She sobbed and bent her head when it was announced that Redlick had been found not guilty of second-degree murder. She was convicted of tampering with physical evidence, though.

Danielle killed her spouse with malice, according to the state. They said Danielle wanted a life apart from Michael. Prosecutors argued the blood she allegedly cleaned up and the 11 hours she waited to call the cops were proof.