How Old Was Actor Fanny Serrano At The Time Of His Death?

At the time of his death, Fanny Serrano was 45-50 years old. Serrano’s death has prompted interest in his life, despite the fact that his birth information is missing from the internet.

He began his career as a makeup artist and actor at a young age and has a long history in the business. He began his acting career in 1973 and his makeup artist profession in 1977.

He has also worked as a director in the industry. Fanny’s IMDb page lists 26 acting credits. He also has 17 credits as a makeup artist and one as a director.

He has worked in the Costume & Wardrobe Department in addition to his cinematic ventures.


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Fanny Serrano’s Latest Update

Fanny Serrano just suffered a stroke. His loved ones rushed him to the hospital as soon as they could.

Fanny’s close friend Sharon Cuneta shared the news of his stroke on her Instagram account. In the video where she shared his news and asked her supporters to pray for him, she was in tears.

However, according to Twitter, Fanny was unable to make it this time and died on May 10, 2022, leaving behind his family.