Why Is Sara Haines Missing From The View?

Sara Haines was missing from the most recent episode of The Chase, and fans on Twitter have been wondering where she is. But, for the time being, ‘The View’ presenter Haines has remained silent on the subject.


Sara Haines on the set of The Chase while hosting the show
Sara Haines on the set of The Chase while hosting the show (source : Instagram)


After many appearances as a guest co-host, Haines became a permanent co-host of The View in the show’s 20th season, which started on September 6, 2016.

After the show’s return in 2021, Sara took over as host. The Chase is a game show that began in the United Kingdom and was adopted in 2013 by the Game Show Network in the United States.

Because the show’s framework is the same in both the US and the UK, there isn’t much change between the two versions.

Sara Haines Pregnancy Update

Rumours were flying around that the television personality Sara Haines might be pregnant. The speculations started after her appearance at one of the events. Despite the rumours, she is not expecting a fourth child.

Sara shared a photo with television host Antoni Porowski on Instagram on May 17, which was taken at the GLSEN Respect Awards. She looked absolutely gorgeous in the blue dress, however, things took a different turn after people started assuming that she might be pregnant.

This is not the first time that viewers have asked if she is expecting. Sara previously addressed this in March 2020, while still recovering from the birth of her third child with husband Max Shifrin.


Sara Haines with her husband and children on matcing Christmas outfit
Sara Haines with her husband and children on matching Christmas outfit (source : Instagram)


On Instagram, she called out internet haters who made comments about her weight. Haines noted at the time that she is a mother of three children and that she looks the way she does. Furthermore, the TV host stated that asking a woman if she is pregnant is inappropriate.

Because it’s such a sensitive subject, Haines emphasized that we never know what other people are going through.

Where Is Sara Haines Today?

Sara Haines is still working as a television personality, according to Instagram. She has been juggling her responsibilities as a working mother and wife.

Moreover, she is also active on Instagram with 354K followers where she is constantly updating her followers about her ongoing life. Her husband and children make frequent appearances on her page.

Aside from that, she uses her page to promote herself. The stunning mother of three has a long history in the television industry, which has earned her national acclaim.