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Paloma Faith Says Men Lack Initiative In Parenting

  • Faith believes fathers should not be “over-complimented or applauded for simply being a parent”.
  • She dislikes the term “co-parent” and says “I don’t believe it’s 50/50” when it comes to parenting responsibilities.
  • Faith stated that women “can’t have it all” as men fail to “use their initiative” when it comes to parenting.

Newsypeople- Paloma Faith, born Paloma Faith Blomfield on July 21, 1981, in Stoke Newington, London, England, is an English singer, songwriter, and actress.

She has been active in the music industry since 2007 and has released several critically acclaimed albums.

Paloma Faith Says Men Lack Initiative In Parenting
Paloma Faith Says Men Lack Initiative In Parenting

Her musical style blends elements of pop, soul, R&B, disco, and jazz, showcasing her powerful mezzo-soprano voice.

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Paloma Faith Says Men Lack Initiative In Parenting

Paloma Faith, a British singer-songwriter, has recently expressed her frustration with the lack of initiative shown by men in parenting roles.

In various interviews, she has emphasized the importance of recognizing the inherent responsibilities that come with parenthood and the need for men to step up and take on more responsibilities.

Faith has been open about her own experiences with co-parenting her two daughters with her ex-husband, Leyman Lahcine.

She has stated that she does not believe in over-praising or over-complimenting men for simply being parents, as she believes that parenting is a fundamental responsibility that both parents should share equally.

In an interview on ITV’s Lorraine, she said,

“I don’t use the word ‘co-parent.’ I say, ‘My kids go to their dads a few nights a week,’ and I’m so happy that they do. They’ve got a lovely father. But let’s not over-compliment them or over-applaud them for actually parenting.”

Faith has also highlighted the challenges that women face in balancing their careers and parenting responsibilities. She believes that men need to take on more initiative in parenting and support women in their roles as mothers.

Paloma Faith Says Men Lack Initiative In Parenting
Paloma Faith Says Men Lack Initiative In Parenting

In an interview with Radio Times, she said,

“Parenting is a full-time job. If you’re also CEO of your own business like I am, then I’m meant to delegate to my partner, but that’s a full-time job because they’ve not got any initiative. It’s exhausting and you sacrifice something, always.”

Faith’s views on men’s lack of initiative in parenting are not limited to her personal experiences. She believes that societal expectations of women and men contribute to this issue. In an interview with the Mirror, she said,

“I don’t believe we can have it all. I feel a bit disgruntled about society’s expectation on women, because we were given this idea that you could work and have your own money and independence while raising children. What we’ve ended up with is far too much responsibility, and I think a lot of women are burning out.”

Faith’s comments have sparked a wider conversation about the roles and expectations of men and women in parenting. Her views are reflective of the ongoing struggle many women face in balancing their careers and family responsibilities, and the need for men to take on more initiative in supporting their partners and children.

How Paloma Faith Balances Her Music Career With Parenting

Paloma Faith has openly discussed the challenges of balancing her successful music career with the demands of single parenthood. As a mother of two daughters, she has been candid about the difficulties she faces in managing the “silent load” carried by most mothers.

Faith has expressed concerns about the pressure on women in the music industry to maintain a youthful appearance, acknowledging the industry’s tendency to overlook female artists as they age. She has admitted that she may need to resort to “whatever it takes” to keep looking young in order to sustain her career, despite her ideological desire to age naturally.

Paloma Faith Says Men Lack Initiative In Parenting
Paloma Faith Says Men Lack Initiative In Parenting

Reflecting on the realities of modern parenting, Faith has been critical of the term “co-parenting,” arguing that it implies an equal 50/50 split that fails to recognize the disproportionate burden carried by mothers. While she is grateful for the involvement of her ex-partner, Leyman Lahcine, in their children’s lives, she believes that the mental load and time commitment are rarely balanced.

Faith has expressed frustration with the patriarchal expectations placed on women, stating that the “dream of having a career and children sounds wonderful, but the patriarchy has burdened us with excessive responsibilities.” She has observed that many women, including herself, are “exhausted” from juggling work and parenting, only to be dismissed as “snappy, grumpy, or hormonal.”

Despite these challenges, Faith has found ways to navigate her dual roles as a successful musician and a single mother. She has praised her ex-partner as an “amazing” father and acknowledges the importance of their co-parenting arrangement, even if it is not a perfect 50/50 split.

Moreover, Faith has used her platform to raise awareness about the realities of modern parenting, particularly the disproportionate burden placed on mothers.

Her recent memoir, “MILF: Motherhood, Identity, Love and F*ckery,” delves into her personal experiences with IVF, difficult deliveries, and the dissolution of her marriage, reflecting her commitment to being open and honest about the challenges she has faced.

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