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Christian Karembeu Niece And Nephew Killed In New Caledonia

  • Christian Karembeu, a former French World Cup winner, revealed that two members of his family, his niece and nephew, were killed during the violence in New Caledonia.
  • Karembeu expressed his grief, stating “Two members of my family have been taken from us. They were both shot in the head.”
  • Karembeu, who hails from New Caledonia, has urged for a thorough investigation into the “heinous crimes” that claimed the lives of his relatives.

Newsypeople- Christian Karembeu, born on December 3, 1970, in Lifou, New Caledonia, embarked on a distinguished career in football, playing as a defensive midfielder.

His journey began with Gaïtcha FCN in New Caledonia, where he honed his skills before moving to France on a scholarship to further his education and football career. Recruited by FC Nantes, Karembeu signed his first professional contract with the club in 1990, marking the beginning of a career that would span across several prestigious clubs.

Christian Karembeu Niece And Nephew Killed In New Caledonia
Christian Karembeu Niece And Nephew Killed In New Caledonia | Wikipedia

Throughout his club career, Karembeu played for Nantes (1990–95), Sampdoria (1995–97), Real Madrid (1997–2000), Middlesbrough (2000–01), Olympiacos (2001–04), Servette Genève (2004–05), and Bastia (2005–06).

His tenure at Real Madrid was particularly notable, where he won the UEFA Champions League twice, in 1998 and 2000. Although he started in the 1998 victory, he remained on the bench during the 2000 triumph. Karembeu’s versatility and skill saw him contribute significantly to these successes.

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Christian Karembeu Niece And Nephew Killed In New Caledonia

During an interview with Europe 1 radio, former French midfielder Christian Karembeu spoke about how the recent violence in New Caledonia has affected him. According to Karembeu – who won two Champions League titles with Real Madrid as a player before starting for his country in the 1998 World Cup final and Euro 2000 – two of his family members lost their lives amid the chaos that has rocked this French Pacific territory.

The situation erupted following protests over proposed changes to France’s constitution combined with alterations to voter lists. Those opposing these moves argued they would skew representation towards pro-French politicians in a place marked by deep economic disparities where native Kanaks have been clamoring for self-determination.

Being a Kanak himself, Karembeu spent his early years on Lifou Island before relocating to Paris during adolescence. At least seven people (including three Kanak natives and two gendarmes) have died since violence broke out on May 14; more than 122 police officers or gendarmes sustained injuries during clashes while over 460 individuals got arrested.

Painful memories linger among Kanak communities over their past mistreatment at the hands of colonial authorities who never recognized them as fully human beings with equal rights. In 1931, Karembeu’s great-grandparents were forcibly removed from New Caledonia and taken to be exhibited in Parisian museums where they were put on display like ‘cannibals.’

This tragic event symbolizes the long struggle of the Kanak people who continue fighting for recognition of their identity as well as demanding independence from the French government. Karembeu’s loss of close family members through acts of violence sparked widespread sympathy across society prompting calls for a thorough investigation into these crimes which left him too traumatized to speak out publicly. He said: “I am mourning because I lost some of my family.

Christian Karembeu Niece And Nephew Killed In New Caledonia
Christian Karembeu Niece And Nephew Killed In New Caledonia | BBC Sport

We must wait for what the police will say about that.” A state of emergency declared earlier this month by Paris due to mounting unrest is set to be lifted although tension hangs heavy over New Caledonia amidst appeals towards granting greater autonomy and self-rule for Kanaks. His heartfelt response serves as a powerful reminder that there is always a human toll behind every political crisis and unless historical injustices are addressed, peace may never reign.

Christian Karembeu Family: Wife And Kids Explored

Christian Karembeu, the former French professional footballer, has had an interesting personal life. He was born in Lifou, New Caledonia, a French overseas territory in the Pacific Ocean.

Karembeu’s great-grandfather was one of the Kanaks, indigenous people of New Caledonia, who were taken to Paris in 1931 and exhibited as “cannibals” during the Paris Colonial Exposition. This colonial history has influenced Karembeu’s views, as he refuses to sing the French national anthem, La Marseillaise, due to France’s colonial past.

In his personal life, Karembeu has been married twice. His first marriage was to Slovak model Adriana Sklenařiková, whom he met on an airplane. The couple married in 1998, a year after Karembeu joined Real Madrid. However, their marriage was childless and the couple split in March 2011, divorcing in December 2012.

After his divorce from Adriana, Karembeu remarried in May 2017 to Lebanese skier Jackie Chamoun. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, in September 2017. This was a significant event for Karembeu, as it was his first child after his previous marriage remained childless.

Christian Karembeu Niece And Nephew Killed In New Caledonia
Christian Karembeu Niece And Nephew Killed In New Caledonia

Karembeu’s personal life has also been marked by tragedy. In 2024, he revealed that two of his relatives had been killed during the unrest in the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia, where he was born. This was a deeply personal and devastating event for the former footballer, who has remained connected to his roots and the indigenous Kanak people of his homeland.

Despite the ups and downs in his personal life, Karembeu has remained committed to various philanthropic and humanitarian causes. He is a member of the “Champions for Peace” club, a group of elite athletes dedicated to using sport to promote peace and development around the world. Karembeu has also been involved in the activities of the Peace and Sport organization, visiting Haiti in 2010 to support the country’s reconstruction efforts after a devastating earthquake.

In his post-retirement career, Karembeu has taken on various roles, including serving as a scout for English Premier League club Portsmouth, a non-executive director of Birmingham International Holdings, and a sports director for the Greek club Olympiacos. His diverse experiences and commitment to social and humanitarian causes have cemented his legacy as a well-rounded individual beyond his successful football career.

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