Dateline: See What Caused Anjelica AJ Hadsell’s Death

Wesley Hadsell, her stepfather, murdered Anjelica AJ Hadsell. Jurors took 45 minutes to convict Wesley, 43, guilty of first-degree murder and concealing of a body, according to Oxygen.

Wesley was on trial for the second time for the murder of his adopted daughter, Hadsell. While researching the case, we discovered that Angelica vanished in March 2015 while visiting her parents’ house in the Carrollton neighbourhood of Norfolk.

She’d also returned home from Longwood University, where she was a freshman, for spring break. Anjelica’s death was also attributed to “homicidal violence” and heroin overdose, according to the medical examiner.

Her eyes and chin were also discoloured and damaged, and she had three times the normal quantity of heroin in her bloodstream the deadly level, which resulted in animal and insect damage to her body It was unclear whether she had been sexually abused. Nonetheless, the exact reason for her murder has yet to be established.


 Anjelica AJ Hadsell with her sisters.
Anjelica with her sisters.


Age: How Old Is Anjelica AJ H At Death?

Anjelica AJ Hadsell was 18 years old at the time of her death, she was a single mother. However, the details of her birth date are still missing from public records. Furthermore, she stood at 5 feet and 3 inches tall.

Anjelica was a lovely and innocent soul. She was a bubbly, pleasant young lady who loved to have a good time. Regrettably, she was subjected to unanticipated and painful torture that is difficult to comprehend.

She was also home for spring break from Longwood University when she passed away.

What Is Anjelica AJ Hadsell Father Name?

Anjelica AJ H is Wesley Hadsell’s father/stepfather, as previously stated. Furthermore, prosecutors said that Wesley was kicked out For his unstable behaviour and claimed drug habit, he was kicked out of his wife’s home days before Angelica went missing.

They also claimed that Wesley abducted Angelica from her house while she was folding laundry in order to sexually assault her. A line of bruises across her breast and bruising on her chin, on the other hand, were most likely produced by someone clutching it tightly in their hands.


 Anjelica AJ Hadsell stepfather, Wesley Hadsell's
Anjelica AJ stepfather, Wesley Hadsell’s


Hadsell’s adopted father, Hadsell, was also found guilty of murdering her and concealing her body by a jury, and the judge sentenced him to the highest penalty allowed: life plus 15 years.