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Kathryn Dennis Arrested for DUI After Three-Car Crash

  • Kathryn Dennis was reportedly arrested for DUI after causing a three-car crash accident.
  • No injuries were reported, but the incident highlights the dangers of drunk driving.
  • Public figures like Dennis face increased scrutiny and potential career impacts from such legal issues.

Kathryn Dennis, a star of the popular reality TV show “Southern Charm”, was recently arrested for a legal offense. She was taken into custody on Monday night for drunk driving which may tarnished her reputation.

Kathryn Dennis Arrested for DUI After 3-Car Crash
Kathryn Dennis Arrested for DUI After 3-Car Crash

Many people are shocked by this news because they have been following her life story closely where she has been experiencing a lot such as public relationships and child custody battles. This raises questions about how well she is and what may happen to her in days to come.

Kathryn Dennis Arrested for DUI After Three-Car Crash

According to TMZ, Kathryn Dennis, who is best known for her role in “Southern Charm,” was arrested for driving while intoxicated after being involved in a three-car accident in Goose Creek, SC on a Monday night. Police officers stated that she had “glassy eyes and the smell of alcohol”. The 32-year-old former reality TV personality allegedly got charged with DUI and driving with an opened container.

Kathryn Dennis Arrested for DUI After 3-Car Crash

In August 2019, Dennis openly mentioned about her fight with drug addiction and said that although she was not fully sober, she would take alcohol. She confirmed that she never used any illegal drug but accepted to have been drinking but maintained that it was not excessive.

Before, due to a previous fiery custody fight with her ex-partner Thomas Ravenel—with whom she shares two kids—, Dennis had been required to go to rehabilitation in Malibu, California. Ravenel has publicly alleged Dennis of using drugs – from prescription pills to marijuana, alcohol, shopping, and even sex— after their tumultuous custody battle.

Earlier in October 2023, Dennis had been involved in a hit-and-run accident at an elementary school where she reportedly hit a Berkeley County deputy who was directing traffic near Whitesville Elementary School. However, despite this event, she was not arrested.

Subsequent to these happenings, after being on “Southern Charm” for eight seasons, Dennis left the cast.

Kathryn Dennis Children Custody Battle

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, previous stars of the reality TV series entitled “Southern Charm” have been in the middle of a widely publicized and contentious custody fight over their two kids, Kensington and St. Julien. This fight commenced shortly after the two separated romantically—in 2016, Dennis lost custody initially after testing positive for weed and checking into rehab, after which Ravenel was given full-time custody but she managed to get joint custody back a year later.

Kathryn Dennis Arrested for DUI After 3-Car Crash
Kathryn Dennis Arrested for DUI After 3-Car Crash

In 2018, things got worse when Ravenel was accused of sexually assaulting two women, one of whom was Dawn Ledwell, their kids’ nanny. These allegations led to Ravenel being arrested and eventually fired from “Southern Charm.” Despite pleading guilty to a lesser charge, the event had a big effect on the custody agreement. Dennis wanted full custody saying that Ravenel relied heavily on nannies and had uncontrollable rage. Ravenel disputed these claims and suggested that Dennis was more concerned about her reality TV career.

Following a lengthy court case the pair eventually agreed on joint custody in 2019 but this did not last long as at the start of 2023, Ravenel was given full care and control rights over their children while Dennis could only see them under supervision once every two weeks. The judges ruled that several drug tests had been failed by Dennis and also expressed worries about her being able to look after them properly because there were times when she neglected them putting their lives in danger.

Both faced legal battles and personal struggles throughout this time: Ravenel had been arrested for crime while Dennis was fighting addiction.

The fight for custody brought out challenges of raising children together after a breakup in a situation where conflict is high and showed how much one’s personal life can affect their rights as parents.

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