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Video: Man Pulls Gun on Pastor During Livestreamed Sermon

  • Bernard Junior Polite attempted to shoot Pastor Glenn Germany during a livestreamed sermon at Jesus Dwelling Place Church.
  • The firearm Polite used failed to discharge, preventing him from shooting the pastor.
  • Deacon Clarence McCallister tackled Polite, and together with Germany, they wrestled the gun away from him.
  • Hours before the church incident, Polite’s cousin, Derek Polite, was found dead in their shared home.
  • Polite has a history of mental illness and was charged with criminal homicide in Derek Polite’s death and attempted homicide for the church incident.
  • Polite allegedly confessed to attempting to kill the pastor, claiming divine instruction.

Newsypeople – Bernard Junior Polite Pulls Gun on Pastor During Livestreamed Sermon, On Sunday, May 5, 2024, a shocking event unfolded at the Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church in North Braddock, Pennsylvania, during a live-streamed sermon. The incident involved Bernard Junior Polite, a 26-year-old man who allegedly attempted to shoot the church’s pastor, Rev. Glenn Germany, during the service. This act of violence was captured on a livestream, providing a chilling record of the attempted assassination.

Rev. Germany was delivering a sermon about the “enemies of God” when Polite entered the church, approached the pulpit, and aimed a silver handgun directly at the pastor. The congregation, including church deacon Clarence McCallister, quickly responded to the threat. McCallister tackled Polite from behind, preventing him from firing. The gun jammed, and the bullet did not discharge, which Rev. Germany attributed to divine intervention, stating, “That bullet had a name on it.”

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Bernard Junior Polite Pulls Gun on Pastor During Livestreamed Sermon
Bernard Junior Polite Pulls Gun on Pastor During Livestreamed Sermon

Following the attempted shooting, Polite was disarmed by Germany and McCallister, and other members of the congregation held him until Pennsylvania State Police arrived. Polite was subsequently arrested at the church. He faces charges of recklessly endangering another person and aggravated assault. Additionally, state police are investigating Polite’s connection to a man found fatally shot in his North Braddock home, identified as Derek Polite, a 56-year-old man. The relationship between the deceased victim and the suspect remains unclear.

In his alleged confession, Polite claimed he heard music coming from the church and decided to go inside. He stated that he attempted to shoot the pastor “so that he could go to jail and clear his mind.” Polite also reportedly told police that “God told him to do it,” indicating a possible mental health issue or delusion.

The incident has been widely reported, highlighting the dangers of gun violence and the importance of community vigilance and quick action in such situations. The congregation’s swift response, along with the gun’s failure to fire, prevented a potentially tragic outcome. Rev. Germany has credited divine intervention for his survival and has expressed forgiveness towards Polite, noting that the suspect seemed to be suffering from a form of mental illness.


Bernard Junior Polite remains in custody, awaiting further legal proceedings. His case underscores the complexities of mental health, gun control, and the impact of violent acts within religious communities.

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