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Dana White’s Viral Video Leads to Termination Of FedEx Driver’s Employment

  • Dana White’s confrontation with a FedEx driver in New York City was captured in a viral video, showcasing a heated exchange that ended with White physically throwing packages.
  • The video, which quickly circulated on social media, has been viewed millions of times, sparking widespread discussion and criticism.
  • The incident resulted in the FedEx driver losing his job, demonstrating the significant real-world consequences of the viral footage.

Newsypeople – Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), found himself at the center of a viral video that captured him in a heated exchange with a FedEx driver in New York City. The incident, which took place on a busy street, was caught on camera and quickly spread across social media platforms, drawing widespread attention and criticism towards both parties involved.

White’s tirade against the FedEx driver is punctuated by him physically throwing packages onto the ground, a shocking display of anger that has been widely condemned. The incident was captured by bystanders and quickly shared on various social media platforms, where it went viral almost immediately. The video has since been viewed millions of times, with many viewers expressing their shock and disappointment over White’s behavior.

Dana White’s Viral Video Leads to Termination Of FedEx Driver’s Employment

On May 10, 2024, a significant event unfolded in New York City involving Dana White, the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and a FedEx delivery driver. The incident was captured on video and quickly went viral, leading to the termination of the FedEx driver’s employment. This event highlights the importance of professionalism in the delivery industry and the consequences of actions that do not meet the standards set by companies like FedEx.

Dana White, known for his role in the UFC and his active presence on social media, was in New York City for business meetings. While being chauffeured around the city, he observed a FedEx delivery driver engaging in what he perceived as unprofessional behavior. The driver was seen tossing packages into the back of his truck with apparent disregard for the items’ safety and the care typically expected from delivery services.

White decided to document this incident, capturing the driver’s actions on video. He shared this footage on his Instagram story, where it quickly gained attention due to his large following. The video featured White commenting on the situation, humorously noting, “FedEx: We’ll get your st there, but we’ll fk it up!” as he and another individual laughed at the scene.


The video’s release sparked outrage and discussions about the standards of delivery services and the importance of customer satisfaction. FedEx responded to the situation by issuing a statement through TMZ Sports, confirming the driver’s termination. The statement emphasized that the behavior depicted in the video was unacceptable and inconsistent with the professionalism FedEx strives to demonstrate daily. FedEx reiterated its commitment to treating customers’ packages with the utmost care and clarified that the driver was no longer providing service for the company as a result of his actions.

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