Arrest of Drug Trafficker Bruno Carbone: Right-Hand Man Of Mafia Boss Raffaele Imperiale

Arrest of Drug Trafficker Bruno Carbone

Let’s know about the ‘Arrest of Drug Trafficker Bruno Carbone’ According to recent reports, drug trafficker Bruno Carbone was detained in Rome. He allegedly was apprehended and removed from Syria.

One of Naples’ Camorra mafia’s top cocaine suppliers, Bruno Carbone, 45, was eluding a 20-year prison sentence.

Arrest of Drug Trafficker Bruno Carbone

The Italian drug dealer was one of Europol’s most sought offenders and Raffaele Imperiale’s right-hand man in the mafia.

The Arrest of Drug Trafficker Bruno Carbone In Rome

On November 15, Bruno Carbone was taken into custody in Rome. He was seized at Ciampino airport on Tuesday morning right after stepping off the plane, according to Naples Police.

In Catania, Sicily, prosecutors sentenced Carbone to 20 years in prison for offenses connected to international drug trafficking. As a result, Carbone was detained.

One of the people on Europol’s most sought list, Carbone, has been missing since 2003. He spent a lot of time hiding out in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Despite rumors that he was apprehended and deported from Syria, the arrest of the Italian drug dealer is shrouded in mystery.

The official announcement provided no information regarding how or where he had been located, although the Italian press reported that he had been taken prisoner in Syria.

Additionally, Dhia’ al-Umar, a SITE spokeswoman, claimed that after leaving Italy, Carbone first fled to Europe and Turkey before relocating to parts of Syria controlled by the government because he thought they were “havens from the law.”

Arrest of Drug Trafficker Bruno Carbone
Mugshot of Bruno Carbone taken in Idlib city. (Source: Twitter)

The UAE may have acted as a middleman in the extradition of Carbone from Syria to Italy, according to an article in the Italian newspaper Il Foglio.

In a similar vein, Abdullah Al Nuaimi, his UAE equivalent, was thanked for the escapee’s apprehension in a statement by the Italian justice minister, Carlo Nordio, the evening of the arrest.

“This latest arrest demonstrates a strengthening of judicial collaboration between Italy and the UAE,” he said.

He purported to be a Mexican man on the run after selling counterfeit Rolex watches, according to news reports.

The UAE experienced a false alarm in December 2020. When they realized they had the wrong person, they announced Carbone’s arrest.

But, Naples businessman Domenico Alfano was detained upon entering the nation with his wife and children and was held for 32 days before being freed.

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Right-Hand Man Of Mafia Boss Raffaele Imperiale

A well-known heroin dealer and broker from Castellammare di Stabia, Italy, Raffael Imperiale, 48, had Bruno Carbone as his right-hand man.

Imperiale is a leader in Camorra’s drug trade and a member of the organization. Until his capture on August 4, 2021, in Dubai, he was named as one of Italy’s most wanted fugitives.

Although he was well-recognized for being passionate about art, which was an odd contrast. In 2016, his hiding place contained two Van Gogh paintings that had been taken in Amsterdam.

Arrest of Drug Trafficker Bruno Carbone
Raffaele Imperiale was one of the most wanted men in Europe. (Source: Riformisita)

But the story of the drug trade is far from over. On Wednesday, additional arrest orders for 28 more members of Imperiale’s Camorra clan were filed in Naples.

The organization is regarded as one of the most powerful drug trafficking organizations in the world. The group brought drugs into the country from Colombia, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Additionally, a chat between Carbone and Imperiale that was wiretapped revealed that the two had discussed “breaking through” in Australia.

Nevertheless, it is a positive move given that Carbone was the major source for obtaining significant amounts of cocaine, primarily from Spain.

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Some FAQs

Who Is Bruno Carbone?

Bruno Carbone is a well-known international cocaine smuggler who also aided the Cappello-Carateddi mafia’s growth.

Who Is Mafia Boss Raffaele Imperiale?

He is an Italian gangster and Camorra associate. He is regarded by the authorities as one of the most significant Camorra-affiliated drug dealers.

When Was Raffaele Imperiale Arrested?

Prior to his capture on August 4, 2021 in Dubai, he was one of Italy’s most wanted fugitives.

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