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Influencer Hana Elson Shares Best Dating Hack for Better Matches on Hinge

  • Hana Elson, an influencer, shares a dating hack for better matches on Hinge in a video below, focusing on the importance of setting clear boundaries and preferences to enhance dating experiences.

Newsypeople – A popular figure on social media, Hana Elson from New York City, has shared a game-changing strategy for enhancing your experience on the dating app Hinge, promising to significantly increase your match rate. With a following of over 80,000 on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Hana is known for sharing glimpses of her daily life.

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Influencer Hana Elson Shares Best Dating Hack for Better Matches on Hinge
Influencer Hana Elson Shares Best Dating Hack for Better Matches on Hinge

Breaking away from her usual content, which often features her fashionable outfits, Hana recently offered valuable advice to those seeking love through online dating. Her insights were shared in a video that quickly went viral, garnering more than 1.6 million views. In this video, she encouraged her audience not to abandon online dating and revealed a method to overcome the challenge of ‘rose jail’ on Hinge.

Hana’s post was accompanied by the caption:

‘Escape from rose jail, finally’

She began the video by stating, ‘This needs to stay between us, don’t let Hinge know – but my buddy stumbled upon the ultimate trick, so I have to pass it along to you.


The end💀 rose jail be gone!!!! @mel my genius friend

♬ original sound – Hana

‘Ever wondered where Hinge hides your preferences, your roses, and your potential matches? Well, they’re tucked away, but I’ll reveal how to retrieve them.’

To execute this trick, Hana instructed viewers to simulate the process of deleting their account without actually doing so. She directed them to navigate to their profile and select the option to ‘delete or pause account.’

Upon selecting this, users are prompted to explain why they’re leaving the app, with various options available. Hana recommended choosing ‘prefer not to say.’

After making this selection, the screen prompts a ‘refresh,’ which Hana explained only appears after choosing ‘prefer not to say.’ This action, she claimed, refreshes the pool of potential matches Hinge presents to you.

Towards the end of the video, Hana shared that she initially received little engagement until she performed this action, resulting in a flood of new matches.

The video quickly attracted positive feedback from viewers, who thanked Hana for the tip. Comments ranged from ‘I can reset my Hinge once a month’ to ‘If I find my future spouse, I’m inviting you to my wedding!’ and ‘This tip completely transformed my Hinge experience, thank you!’

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