How Paul Swan Played ‘Push It’ While Wife Was In Labor – Everything About Austin Dillon’s Friend


How Paul Swan Played ‘Push It’ While Wife Was In Labor – Everything About Austin Dillon’s Friend. Austin Dillon’s friend and NASCAR crew member Paul Swan, who makes for entertaining television, is something viewers won’t see on the reality TV series Austin Dillon’s Life in the Fast Lane playing “Push It” when wife Mariel went into labor.

How Paul Swan Played 'Push It' While Wife Was In Labor - Everything About Austin Dillon's Friend
How Paul Swan Played ‘Push It’ While Wife Was In Labor

Mariel told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that being pregnant while shooting a reality TV show was a bizarre experience that became stranger when the cameras stopped recording. She remembered, “The birth was pretty chaotic. I was with my mother when my water broke, and I said, “Something’s happening and I don’t know what it is.”

How Paul Swan Played ‘Push It’ While Wife Was In Labor – Everything About Austin Dillon’s Friend

Mariel was obviously close to giving birth. And Paul said, “Oh, I know what’s going to be terrific for you when we got into the car. He then plays Salt-N-“Push Pepa’s It” and like, destroys it. And I reasoned that this song goes much better with my labor pains and other such things. And having him there was just so wonderful. We simply chatted while listening to music, and I had an excellent birthing experience. It’s incredibly ironic considering how much I adore serene Christian music.

Mariel Swan, Paul Swan, Austin Dillon, Whitney Dillon cast photo
Mariel Swan, Paul Swan, Austin Dillon, Whitney Dillon | Andrew Eccles/USA Network

“Push It!” exclaimed Paul, who also spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. Move along! Sacred music? You’re about to deliver a child!

Mariel chuckled as she thought back on the event. “I estimate that I was in active labor for an hour and 40 minutes. And it was fantastic. It was fantastic. Aside from the obvious of attempting to eject the infant, I mean. However, I think the best way to describe it is intense. And unlike anything I had ever known in my life.


Family & ChildBirth: The couple Experienced Their Baby Birth

She continued by saying that her doctor had brought in a mirror so she and Paul could see the birth of the child. “When they originally placed the mirror up, I said, ‘I don’t want to see that.’ However, I’m glad I did now.

Paul recounted, “They put the mirror up and you can see everything.” I initially thought, “Man, I’m probably not going to watch that. But after that, I sort of snuck in and kept searching. Actually, it’s very cool and fascinating. I’d like to view this!


In order to get his wife hyped up and ready for the birth, Paul acknowledged that he only played “Push It” on the drive to the hospital. He claimed that he impulsively began to play the song. He admitted, “That was a spur of the moment.” “Everything was rolling and the mind was clicking. And I thought, “Oh, I have the perfect song.”

Additionally, he claimed he didn’t feel the urge to speed up to the hospital. I was really laid back. She was still good, I could tell. She wasn’t frightened at all, Paul said.


Child Care: Info On What Paul Swan Finds Difficult Doing: Explored

Since Bella’s birth two months ago, life has become more hectic than ever. Being on Austin’s team and juggling a newborn, according to Paul, has been challenging. He remarked, “I knew it would be a challenge, but I was ready for it. “I wanted it because I advised folks to make sure they were prepared before having children. I mean, I really do believe that. And we both thought we were prepared. I also had the impression that I was eager to get to work. With everything we’ve been doing and all the different activities, it has obviously been a challenge at times, but it has also been a lot of fun.

Doing diaper changes. Prior to Bella, I had never changed a diaper, so I was somewhat unprepared. But I believe I mastered it rather quickly,” Paul said.

Which is tougher, then? Altering the tire on Austin’s automobile or changing the diaper on little Bella? He acknowledged, “I absolutely agree changing the diaper is more complicated.

Every Thursday at 9:30 ET on USA Network, watch Austin Dillon’s Life in the Fast Lane to see Paul and Mariel Swan.

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