Love Affairs: Meet Bronny James’s New Girlfriend

Peyton Gelfuso is a TikToker and social media star who attended a prom with famed basketball player LeBron James’ son Bronny James and became viral. Peyton attended the same high school as Bronny and is said to be the school’s “renowned media girl,” with material on Instagram and TikTok.

Peyton Gelfuso is present on Instagram through her profile ‘peytongelfuso‘ She has 19.7k followers and a private following list of 581 profiles. Similarly, she has 18 postings on her account regarding her trips, travels, hanging out with pals, and party attendance.

Bronny J, on the other hand, has a sizable following on his official Instagram account. His profile under the hood name of ‘bronny‘ has 6.2 million followers and 15 posts regarding his Baksteball career, endorsement deals, match victories and celebrations. Similarly, he has 999 accounts in his following lists, and his bio also includes a separate link to his PSD brand goods website.

Peyton Gelfuso- Real Age Revealed

Bronny James is a 17-year-old boy who was born on October 6, 2004. Peyton Gelfuso, a student at his school, has been his girlfriend. The couple published gorgeous photos from their recent prom, which sparked internet turbulence and upset users’ calm demeanour.

Peyton is a few months younger than Bronny James, and the two have been dating for a while. They attended a prom and took a photo that went viral across all social media platforms, prompting LeBron’s family to respond to the ongoing online battle. Savannah even took to her official social media account to congratulate Bronny on his latest deed and to point out how cute the two looked in the photo together and all happy.


LeBron James’s Son Bronny James’ Wiki Details

LeBron James’ elder son, Bronny James, is a basketball icon. The 17-year-old is a high school basketball player who attends Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, where he met and dated Peyton.


Meet Bronny James's New Girlfriend- See Photos Of Peyton Gelfuso On Instagram

Bronny has been making a major impression on the already famous name tag handed to him before his high school involvement in AAU events. Bronny also revealed that his one great desire is to play on the same team as his legendary father, LeBron James, with jokes about the established athlete’s imminent transfer from the Lakers.