Manfred Baumann and Nelly Baumann are a VIP couple who has a respectable fanbase on their online media stages.

In addition, Manfred is an expert Australian photographic artist, and Nelly is a cosmetics craftsman and a certified soothsayer.

Manfred Baumann and Nelly Baumann have posted their dazzling photographs on their online media stages.

Manfred and Nelly are a wonderful couple who supplements each other one next to the other, and they have shared their exceptional minutes and snaps on their Instagram accounts.

The photographic artist has a checked record under the username @manfredbaumann and has 850k devotees with 419 posts. Similarly, the cosmetics craftsman is under the username @nellybaumann and has 15.6k devotees with 499 posts.

Manfred Baumann is one of the expert picture takers of Hatje Cantz situated in Australia.

The picture taker has his memoir highlighted on the authority page of Wikipedia. In addition, he works in naked photography, VIP pictures, and scenes.

Baumann’s pieces have gotten distributed in various magazines, including Fotomagazin, Chip, Digital Photographer Magazine, Playboy, GQ, FHM, and some more.

Preceding photography, he was an apprenticeship at Julius Meinl. Manfred filled in as a producer and retailer of espresso, luxurious cuisines, and other basic food item items, and later, he moved to Canada to seek after his fantasies.

Nelly Baumann, otherwise known as Nellie Baumann, is a cosmetics craftsman.

Nelly is otherwise called the critical other of Manfred Baumann, an expert picture taker.

Additionally, the cosmetics craftsman is likewise a certified stargazer who accepted her recognition in comprehensive soothsaying in 2010.

Moreover, as a celestial prophet, Baumann has distributed soothsaying articles and canvassed stories in the German magazine named ‘Wonderful Life.’

Manfred Baumann and Nelly Baumann have been carrying on with a cheerfully hitched life.

A few has gone through 25 years of harmony. Moreover, they have been hitched for 17 years at this point.

Manfred and Nelly toed the bunch and strolled down the passageway throughout the mid year of 2004 in Las Vegas, and from that point onward, the pair have been indistinguishable.

Manfred Baumann is 53 years of age, and his significant other Nelly Baumann is by all accounts around 40-45 years of age.

The cosmetics craftsman’s real age and date of birth are absent on the web; in any case, she is by all accounts in her 40s, praising her birthday on the 27th of August every year.

Regardless, Manfred was born in 1968 under the star sign Pisces, and he commends his birthday on the first of March each spending year.

Furthermore, the couple appears to have an age hole of just about five years or pretty much than that by thinking about their appearance.

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