Talk about a primary care physician.

Philadelphia 76ers co-owner David Adelman brought team legend Dr. J to Boulder, Colo., last weekend to meet Coach Prime.

The Philly businessman’s daughter is a student at the University of Colorado, where Deion Sanders — known as Prime Time during his NFL career — has given the Buffaloes big buzz as their coach.

It turns out that Sanders’ top sports icon when he was growing up was Sixers legend Julius Erving, a k a Dr. J.

Adelman, who bought Fanatics mogul Michael Rubin’s stake in the 76ers a year ago, had previously brought Coach Prime a Dr. J jersey.

This time he brought the man.

Sanders bowed down to the ABA and NBA legend when they met, and we hear that the coach told the good doctor that he was such a fan when he was a kid, he used to try to dress like him.

David Adelman brought Dr. J to meet Coach Prime.

(On this day, Erving was wearing some sweats that said “Rucker,” the famed Harlem park where he got his nickname after people initially called him Black Moses and Houdini.)

Adelman posted some pics of the meeting on social media, writing, “Had to bring the [doctor] for a house call.”

Colorado lost their last game in a nail-biter to Arizona after the Buffs dramatically missed a field goal.

The power trio met at high altitude in Boulder, Colo.
Sanders’ idol growing up was Julius “Dr. J” Erving.
Focus on Sport via Getty Images

Sanders’ team then lost in the final seconds of the game when the Wildcats nailed a field goal themselves on the other end of the field to win 34-31.

“We could have won the darn game. I like that we should have won. I’m tired of we could’ve won,” Deion Sanders said after the game. “There ain’t no lose in me. It don’t sit well with me. It don’t rock well with me. It don’t lay down with me. I have no lose in me.”

Colorado has lost four games in a row and is 4-6 on the season after starting 3-0.

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